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Bparis's 5/3/1


Starting a new thread for my 2nd cycle of 5/3/1. I hit PR's on all but one session of my first cycle, so I'm really looking forward to hitting it again!

My stats again:
25 years old
166lbs (working on that)
V02max: 52.9 Mkm (doesn't really matter but I had a physical for work a week ago)

Estimated 1 RM's for this Cycle:
Squat 265
Bench 225
Deadlift 340
Military Press 155

6/4/09 Squat Wave 1, Cycle 2
200x5, 210x5, 225x13
Squat (again) 200 2x8, 205 2x10
RDL 250 4x8
Reverse BB Lunge 145 4x8/side


6/5/09 5/3/1 Wave 1, Cycle 2

Bench: 170x5, 180x5, 195x7
175 2x8, 1x6, 1x5
Pull-Up BW+10 1x10, 1x8, 1x7.5?, 1x6
BB Row 170 4x8
Dips BW+30 4x8
1-Arm DB Row 85lbs 3x15/side


6/6/09 Energy Systems

Cosgrove Complex A: 5 sets of 6 105lbs
Clean+Front Squat+Push Press Combo
Alternating Reverse Lunges

10 Set Countdown-style: 1-arm kettlebell snatch+parking lot sprint
-got in all 10 sprints, but kept KB snatches at 5 reps/set for the last 5 sets.


Man, I am stoked to see that you started a new log! Best of luck man. You know I'll be checking in to see how you are smoking yourself this time...

Work hard bro


6/7/09 Energy Work

23 Hill Sprints

-took about 27 minutes to complete. I jogged back down the hill the first 6 times, then alternated between walking and jogging. However, the last 3 sets I ran back down. My goal is to be able to work this current hill for 30 sprints in under 30 minutes, then find a steeper one.


6/8/09 5/3/1 Cycle 2, Wave 1

Deadlift: 255x5, 275x5, 290x12 (PR)
More Deadlifts: 255x8x2, 265x8x2.....focusing on speed and lock-out

Military Press: 115x5, 125x5, 135x10 (PR)

Pull-Up (BW): 2x10, 1x8, 2x6 gonna keep using body weight until I can knock-out 5 sets of 10

More Military Press: 125x8x3

Dips (BW) 1x15, 1x13, 1x9 super set with Ab work


6/9/09 Energy Systems

Cosgrove Complex A: 5 sets of 7 105lbs
Clean+Front Squat+Push Press Combo
Alternating Reverse Lunges

4 sets of 1-arm KB snatches x8/side to Double KB swings x6 to parking lot sprint
3 sets of double KB snatch x6 to parking lot sprint


6/10/09 5/3/1 Cycle 2, Wave 2

Bench Press: 180x3, 190x3, 200x6

Pull-Up: BW 3x10, 1x8, 1x7

Bench Press (again): 175 1x8, 1x8, 1x5, 1x6....managed to squeeze out 1 extra rep on each of the last 2 sets after a rest pause but I didn't count'em

Chest Supported Row: 115lbs 4x8...barely made it on the last set

Dips: BW+35 2x10, 1x8, 1x7

1-Arm DB Row 85lbsx2x8/side, 100lbsx1x15/side superset with 60 sec swiss ball crunches x3


6/11/09 Cycle 2, Wave 2

Squat: 210x3, 225x3, 240x11

Squat (again): 215 4x10

Romanian Deadlift: 260 4x8

Reverse BB Lunges: 155 4x8/side

The past three 5/3/1 training sessions I have been following up my serving of Surge with about 6 oz chicken and 2 cups (cooked) white rice. Some people on this forum might bash me for it, but I am really thinking that it is helping with my recovery and strength. Either way my carb intake is about 280 grams on weight training days, including fiber with a macro breakdown of 40/40/20 pro/carb/fat.

On my off days, when I do energy systems work my carb intake including fiber is about 180 grams and a macro breakdown of 40/30/30 pro/carb/fat. I'll watch the scale and mirror to see how this goes. Mass/strength gain is my goal, but expanding at the waist line is not. Also I might exchange some of my barbell complex days with more hill sprints to improve upper body recovery.


I follow you man...our number are just to similar!!


6/12/09 Energy Systems

3.5 mile charity run for Special Olympics....this took about 40 minutes because it was paced (LAME!)

3.5 mile run back to my car......25 minutes!

-However, like a dumbass I neglected to stretch before/after the run, or foamroll enough after squats yesterday, so by the end of the night I was hurting.

6/13/09 Energy Systems

Barbel Complex for 4x8 @ 110lbs
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Good Morning

8 double KB Snatches followed by 120 meter sprint x6's


6/15/09 Deadlift/Military Press Cycle 2, Wave 2

Deadlift: 275x3, 290x3, 310x8...wanted to hit 10 but my form was breaking down
More Deadlifts: 275 2x8, 2x6
Military Press: 130x3, 135x3, 145x7
Wide Pull Ups BW: 10, 18, 26, 30, 34, 38, 43, 50.....going for 50 reps total with 1 minute rest between sets
More Military Press: 125 1x10, 1x8+2 push presses, 1x5+2 push presses
Dips BW: 1x12, 1x10, 1x12
Cable woodchop 120x15/side x sets

-Disappointed overall with my performance today. I really wanted more reps on my last deadlift and military press set and more with my static weight sets. As usual I chalk the session up to day shift....it always fucks up my lifts. Cant say I didn't give it my all, was definitely about to puke/pass out when I left.


6/16/09 Energy Systems

24 Hill Sprints in 27 minutes


6/17/09 5/3/1 Bench Wave 3, Cycle 2

Bench Press:170x5, 190x3, 215x3
Pull Up BW to 50 reps: 10,17,24,30,36,43,50
Bench Press: 180lbs 1x8, 1x7, 3x6
Chest Supported Row 120lbs: 4x8
Dips BW+35: 1x10, 1x10, 1x7, 1x7
1-Arm DB Rows: 90lbs 1x8/side, 95lbs 1x8/side, 110lbsx8/side

Got Really pissed off with my performance today so I did some more, even though it probably wasn't smart:
DB Bench 65lbs 1x10, 1x8 1x6(failure) superset with Abs


To add to my last entry, I didn't deload between the last two cycles but I will this time. I don't know if I'm expecting too much from myself, but I certainly want to progress faster than I am. After reading the article on deloading that came out today I'm thinking it might help.


6/18/09 Energy Systems

Barbell Complex...same one as I've been doing...need to start another one
110lbs 5x8 90sec rest

...started to pour outside so I couldn't do my KB work followed by sprints so I ran at 8mph on level 2 incline on the treadmill for 10 minutes. I though it would be easy, but after the complexes it still sucked.


6/19/09 5/3/1 Wave 3, Cycle 2 Squat

Squat: 200x5, 225x3, 250x11
More Squats: 220 4x8, 1x10
Romanian Deadlift w/straps: 275 4x8
Reverse BB Lunge: 155 4x10/side

BW Pull-Ups: 10 sets of 6 superset with 40 second static Ab bridges

-Got 10 hours of sleep last night and felt absolutely indestructible upon entering the gym, as evident by the sets/weights I got today. When I left I was crawling out. Had to use the straps on the RDL's because I forgot my chalk so it was an only fitting punishment to up the weight by 15lbs. Started Shelby Starnes's carb cycling plan today too.


Awesome day here bro...You work your ass off! There are a lot of guys who would do good to be more like you, myself included...

Way to lead by example brother


Those are some strong pull-ups there! I just started adding them in for accessory work on the 5/3/1 as well and when I did 10 sets of 5 I was sore forever! Gotta love it though. Great work here man I am looking forward to following someone else on the program.


6/20/09 Energy Systems

110lb BB Complex 5x8 with 75 second rest between

20 minutes / 2.5 miles on the treadmill with an incline.

-Apostate, thanks for checking out the log, I'll be watching yours too. Pull-up are one of my favorite and I do them every upper body session but I was feeling particularly energetic the other day. You've got some strong lifts from looking at your log.

My goal is to have a 300lb bench, 400lb squat and 500lb deadlift by next February. If you got any suggestions for upping weight on bench press (my weak link) let me know.

-Alpha, thanks again for dropping in! From looking at the logs on this site, there are definitely alot of people far more impressive than me in my opinion. However, I will say that I'm probably the only guy who staggers out of my gym soaked in sweat at the end of a session. Either way man, YOU are the one setting the example.....I'm sure that people with your level of strength and conditioning are a rare breed.