BP157/TB500 Combo

Tried searching but couldn’t find any info on reconstitution and dosing of these 2 peptides combined. I bought a 10ml bottle of 5mg bp157 and 5mg tb500 so my question is do I just reconstitute as its 10ml of bp157 for example do I use 2ml of bac water and would each tic on the insulin syringe be 100mcg. Also dosing between the two combined I’m a little confused I was thinking 300mcgs per day? Iv never used peptides before but deff not new to anabolics I’m running trt levels of test and have a cycle of npp im going to start at the moment and I wanted to heal a bought of golfers elbow thats work related and its hindering my training, thanks in adavance.

If it’s 10mL of 5mg BPC then it’s already mixed for you? 1mL would be 500mcg

Maybe you couldn’t find it cause its name is BPC157 often written BPC-157

It’s a blend of 5mg bpc 157 and 5mg tb500 I have to mix it with the bac water. Sorry it’s been a long day I wasn’t specific enough in my wording

Yep deff screwed that up lol

Oh gotcha, in that case I would just fill it with five ML then you have 1000 MCG of each per one ML

Awsome thanks bud I appreciate it!

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