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BP Very High, 170/110, From High Estrogen?

Hi whatsup, been measuring my BP lately and its been quite high 150/90 on aveage, even when doing nothing, but there were even 2 times it got to about 170/115, at rest, now when I was younger I would just yolo and go on ignoring what I’m feelling but now I’m a bit more concerned.

I dropped my oral, and I even didnt pin anymore to see if it would go down, also I’m already eating quite clean, very little sodium and sugars, 0 snacks, mostly whole foods, lots of water, however now a week or more later its still the same.

Could it be due to high estrogen? How significantly does high estrogen raise BP?

How much would BP inhibitors lower BP? Have never ran those during a cycle.

No, it’s AAS induced HBP secondary to systemic vascular resistance

Other variables that can induce hypertension are

  • dehydration
  • rec drug use
  • viral infections

Ace inhibitors/calcium channel blockers can lower it quite a bit. Beta blockers not as much, but they’re great for anxiety, lower RHR


Im not sick at the moment, drink lots of water, and dont do any drugs or alcohol.

Im at home all day, aside from that i go to the gym 2 hours a day, also watch my foods etc.

Still its 150/100 at rest, sometimes higher, what could it be?

Could it be due to RBC? Polycythemia

Anabolic steroids, hypertension is a common phenomenon amongst those who use (it’ll lead to LVH, kidney damage etc over time so it’s best kept under control)… you’ve probably already got some degree of LVH given prior usage history independent of a hypertensive response.

RAAS dysregulation, fluid/electrolyte retention (partially aldosterone mediated) etc also increase BP… all direct actions stemming from AAS use

Polycythemia won’t give you a BP of 170/110, that’s nearing hypertensive crisis (as in, go to hospital) territory… but if you’ve got polycythemia, that’s another risk factor you need to take care of

Should also specify in relation to the initial question that oestrogen is a hypotensive agent.

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Im aware of this, haven’t ran THAT many cycles, a few cycles, and not anywhere near what “bodybuilders” take

Also right now I even skipped 2 weeks of dosage, quit oral, and still BP is the same, at rest.

Ah regarding to the estrogen maybe I meant fluid, im holding quite some water still.

What more could be done to lower it?

Honestly my doctor doesnt do shit, been there 3/4 times this week, he said pulse is normal, blood oxigen is 100%, just high bp, but its not normal for a 29 year old to have 150/100 BP, he still wont give me BP meds, so fed up with doctors here

See another doc, if it goes above 180/120 (either measurement) you can check yourself in (hypertensive crisis)… at that point they kind of HAVE to do something. Does you’re doc know you’re on gear? Not treating a BP of 170/110 is somewhat negligent.

What were you on (cycle wise)… deca and EQ have very long HL’s

In my country you need to have a heart attack or stroke first before they take you seriously and give emergency treatment, as long as that doesnt happen they dont give a crap and think you’re just “stressed”

Yea, I’ve heard (despite being incredibly progressive) healthcare isn’t the best in The Netherlands.

At least you won’t get stripped and prodded for having a joint on you like you would in NSW

It’s really shit.Sure the insurance is great and covers nearly everything, but to get actual treatment, you have to complain about the same problem for weeks or months until they forward you to the hospital for tests, so frustrating, I’d rather pay then and have the tests done i ask for >_>

I was on Deca/Test, but its been more than 2 weeks since my last pin.

Shouldn’t it be way down at this point? I definetely see it and feel weaker, but BP still the same.

Well deca has a HL of about 10 days so you’ve barely passed one half life

What’s resting heart rate?

heart rate is fine around 60bpm

feel fine overal, just had this pressure in head and eyes that scared me, even seeing less sharp, which is the reason i dropped everything.

yeeeeeep, that sounds like high blood pressure, I’ve had it once (was 140/85 or something)

You only typically become symptomatic once significantly hypertensive

I don’t suppose you have access to antihypertensive medication?

Like not headache type of pain, but a pressure in my head, like im hanging upside down or under water, that type of feeling.

And the pressure in eyes damn scared me, thought they were gonna explode at times

Yes I dont, which is messed up.

How much could they reduce bp in numbers?

yup, esp when lifting (heavy, strenuous compound lifts like deadlifts) will make you feel like you’re head is about to explode (causes a further, incredibly dramatic increase in BP)

Oh yeah thats another thing i noticed, I was scared to train becase of it.

But usually felt better after going to the gym, the pressure and bp is higher at rest, in the evening when doing nothing, hows that?

Quite a bit, you’ve got beta blockers, ace inhibitors, alpha adrenergic agonists, calcium channel blockers, diuretics etc

How do i get a hold of it though without pescription, its not available here without doctors paper, any website?