BP Issues on Test E

Okay so, I’m not sure if its because I had a cold or what but ive had some pressure in my head pretty much right after my first pin (a day or two). I also got pretty sick with test flu and a cold around the same time. So i figured that the pressure was from elevated BP. It seems like my BP is a little high, I got super anxious the first time I tested it and it was around 140/100 which is DIA fucked. I periodically tested it again about 3 times today. I got 117/78, 140/80 and 127/87. Am i freaking myself out or should i hop on hawthorne berry and 81mg baby aspirin a day? Heres some info to help:
Around 164 lbs at 5’11 and 7-9% BF. (most likely 7)
Current cycle is test e 400mg/wk (200mg every 3-4 days)
Im not running an AI since I took aromasin and my e2 crashed (joint pain, orgasm was meh although libido was decent)
I do have aromasin on hand ^^^ obviously.
please help me out I DO NOT want to have a fuckingg stroke. Ive been working on cutting salt out almost completely.
Should i stop taking preworkout (C4 , 1 and a half - 2 scoops)?

Were you taking your BP prior to starting your gear use? Have you noticed that your body is taking on a darker, almost red or tan color (i.e. has anyone mentioned to you that you look like you’ve been on vacation i the sun)? I aks because some folks experience increased hemocrit levels on T which would result in higher than normal BP in order to pump that now thicker blood around the body. A simple routine blood donation is usually enought to treat that issue.
Laying off the C4 for a bit and retesting your BP wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
I wouldn’t recommend cutting out salt (unless you’re a crazy salt-eating freak) as it’s essential to many body functions and more than likely your primary source of iodine in your diet (I assume your using iodized salt).

BP was 117/78 before cycle. And no not really im still as white as a ghost. Ill stop taking c4 and when I said cutting out i meant much much lower although i always try to watch my salt intake. Even tho im not really tanner i think i donate blood anyways

A blood test would reveal whether you had a high blood counts. Also the aspirin and a quality fish oil supplement can help in keeping the blood thinned and moving well.
How long have you been using the preworkout?

A long time my friend its time for a break. I just bought aspirin rn. How much should i take? 81Mg eod? 81Mg e3d?

Unless you have gastric issues or a history of ulcers of the stomach I think 81mg/day is fairly safe. I might delay taking them until you can see the effect of dropping the C4 first. The aspirin will be a nice prophlactic but if you really want to get to the root cause you need to tackle this systematically, piece by piece.
Anything new in your life that might contribute to this? New work or life stressors?

Honestly nothing should be stressing me. I work at shoppers and my pharmacist said that it could be because I had a head cold. I was fine before cycle on pre workout always so im guessing it’s the increased thickness in blood due to cycle

A relativley cheap blood test would prove insightful. Alternatively you could go to the Red Cross and donate a unit of blood and if you feel better soon after then you’ve likely found the culprit.

Yeah im gunna get a blood test soon.
1 more thing. Shouldi run aspirin on pct clomid only as well?

I can’t think of a reason that aspirin would interfere with PCT.

Yeah what im saying is Ive heard its good to run with pct just wanted to run it thru you bc obviously you know your shit

Can’t understand why it would be good (or bad) during PCT. If there’s a condition you’re treating with aspirin then it would be separate from your PCT issues. Let me know if you have any more info on why somoene considered it a good idea…interested in their reasoning. Thank you for the compliment…there are folks on here that are far smarter than I.

Dude, your fine. Your making it go a little higher because I think your probably stressing over it.

If your under 140/90, your Ok, your not gonna die. Ideally we want to be in the 120/80 range, or lower. but a little over, for a short while, is not gonna kill you…

If you start going into the 160’s or hovering in the 140-150’s consistently, then you need to address it.

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okay thanks bro… i just tested it at 148/97 but i waited 5 minutes on another machine and it tested 123/73 so idk what the fuck is happening. do you tihnk my head hurts from my cold?

Always check BP twice, first reading is usually garbage because your anticipating. Check once, then wait 5 minutes, watch TV or read, look at phone, and check again.

You can get headaches from high BP, but I don’t think your that high.