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BP Increased with Test E. Advice?

Hey so my bp after my first pin of test e went up to 137/86 is this normal?

Were you nervous doing your first shot? It’s highly unlikely that it’s a result of the Testosterone.

I was shaking like a fucking leaf lmao. But today my HR was 66 when i checked my BP. Normally my BP is 120/75 . injected half a cc of 200mg test e with an oral 12.5mg aromasin tablet

Then you already must suspect that the increase was related to your nerves and probably subsided not long after you were done. What’s your pressure like now?

I just tested it . i pinned yesterday thats why im kinda weirded out

Sounds like simple stress to me.

It was my fucking shirt LOL. I check3d it 3 times at work and when i took my shirt off it went down to normal!

HA! glad to hear. Maybe buy a more comfortable shirt too.

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