BP and DL Emphasized Routine?

Hi, I am looking for a help to create routine with emphasize on BP and DL.
I’ve been weight lifting for a year and a half now so still beginner. My PRs are BP: 110kg, OHP: 60kg, SQ: 130kg, DL: 180kg.
Over that time I tried 5/3/1 and GZLCP. I built some of these PRs with 5/3/1.
My last routine was modified GZLCP and I was going really well with squat. I would beat that PR (I think I would do 140 or 145), but I hurt my elbow and stopped backsquating. I am using safety bar now.

I stall on BP and OHP. I am not sure whether OHP carry to my bench. I think that shoulders are the weakest point of my body so I don’t want to do everything but focus on the weak points this time.

My goal is to do 120-130kg BP and 200kg DL.
I can squat (safety bar), but I don’t want to put that much emphasize on that lift, same with OHP (maybe I should try sth else like really high volume for shoulders).
Any advice?

try this…

Can a person who overhead presses 300 lbs bench press more than a person who can overhead press just 200? I would say yes, in absolutely all cases. You can safely assume that there is at least some carryover of ohp to bench press.