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BP 135/66 High Systolic & Normal Diastolic?

Hey guys, another question regarding blood pressure. I’ve searched google and it seems that my systolic number is on a high side while diastolic is normal/ideal. I’m not on cycle and the only medication I’m taking is nolvadex at 40mg/day, also caffeine 400-600mg, currently on calorie deficit. I’m almost 6’2 210-215 pounds with 16% body fat (not internet standards…)

-135/66 measured at pharmacy today on rest/off day, is it really high?
-Are these charts meant only for average people, what about lifters and athletes?
-What’s your BP?

No it’s not really high. Those pharmacy machines are also notorious for being off. A simple cuff size change puts me at 165/70 instead of 115/60. Cuff size is crucial.
Assuming that is accurate, try laying off that amount of caffeine for a while then retest.
What’s your diet like? Heavy on sodium ?

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I’ve had the same thing, mines sky high, then with a diff cuff it’s normal, tell the mob doing it to break out the big boy cuff

Thanks guys for clearing things up. I didn’t know about cuff size, but yeah it’s logical.
@aaronca I guess my diet is moderate in sodium, main sources of sodium are from dairy, eggs and canned tuna, I think it’s not really convenient to completely avoid sodium, but other than that I rarely go higher in sodium only as I eat cheat meal or so once a week…
Also I’m obssesed with calorie & macro counting, it must be perfect or I’ll beat myself up about it, it’s better now but I used to crash diet or starve in order to compensate for overeating…
I’m currently cutting caffeine in half I guess, one cup of coffee (150-200mg?) and 2 cups of green tea a day.