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Boys/Girls Restrooms = Discrimination


Read for yourself. They are proposing to remove all gender based organizations, teams, and yes bathrooms.


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To me, this is the next logical step in the way people today understand discrimination. They view making any sort of distinction between people as "bad".

It's "bad" for kids to fail test or a grade when they don't do well in school. It's "bad" to put in the player because he is better at the sport. It's "bad" to reward people for working harder than others.

I see this as all part of the same thing. Now it's "bad" to distinguish between the physical, emotional, and mental differences of genders.


But the census it is ok to distinguish between skin colors. Double Standard?


Weren't they trying to do something like this in california too?


Maybe all the Men in this country will become transgender so they can enter the female locker rooms during shower time.


According to the proposal, you would be able to. There is no verification of your gender identity.


Sorry ladies but I am a lesbian trapped in a male body. Can you all help me out?


Packing my bags now.


As would a lot of guys. You'd just end up with a guy shower room.


I heard a girl complaining about the lack of an "other" option in the gender section on applications for various things...Am I still a liberal if I'm weirded out by gender confusion?

As far as teams are concerned, women would be unable to play sports if all-women teams were abolished. Even Lisa Leslie wouldn't make the cut of a single Div I basketball team.


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Depending on whether you are calling me fraudulist because of my post or because you generally dislike me, you may have misinterpreted my point. I don't support this movement. Gender distinctions are incredibly important. Everyone agrees. /thread.


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I always thought male bathrooms were piss poor, although often saturated with it. Broken up doors, lavatories in clear view etc.


That's the thing this is not a 'gender' bathroom. It is a sex issue, if you have a cock, go into the men's bathroom, if your packing a vagina. Go into the women's bathroom.


Genderless bathrooms will last until some snooty chick is quietly taking a pee until some fat trucker come and sits in the stall next to her starts spackling the tiolet.Once she gets a wif of that it will be over.

But I got no problem sharing bathrooms.


Of course you don't horsepuss you're not a women, and do not care about women's dignity.


..lol, women's dignity?!