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Boycott Safeway Supermarket




Unfortunately, I don't have one of these stores near me. I'm stuck with ShopRite. But if you have a Safeway near you and you patronize these idiots...

If a manager of a store cannot exercise common sense, economic darwinism should prevail.


what's the outrage? They didn't pay...


I fucking hate it when people feel the need to eat WHILE they're shopping. Technically, that makes you a thief and a pig all wrapped into one. I've never seen anyone that malnourished that the odds of making it to the checkout alive was in question.


agreed, but they were famished.

I've eaten a grape though before, guess that's technically stealing :smiley:


lol @ their $50 bail


and F- them for living in Hawaii


I thought Hawaii only had Food Lions


Stealing cash from the till, then yes' full-on Robocop mode but not paying for a fucking sarnie' are you taking the piss!

Separating the child from the parents was taking it wayyy to far, any fucking eejit can see that. Common sense aint to common...


Now what would be funny is if the store decides not to press charges, then the Police/DA elects to charge the store for the cost of an arrest and housing the couple in jail and the child overnight. That would be some bureaucratic justice!

I get you can't steal the food, and the store has policies but damn, the store takes a stand on a pregnant military wife.........and did I read this, it took four hours for the cops to show up? The cops couldn't tell the store, uh look you guys sure you want to do this?

In the end the store is going to pay a huge amount in bad publicity and i bet they write some checks to some lawyers and maybe the sammich bandits too...........if she knew she was going to jail she should've picked a couple cartons of smokes so she would have some ready made currency in the lock-up!


"The family hasn't decided whether it will pursue legal action against Safeway."

What legal recourse do they have against Safeway?? They stole sandwiches ("unintentionally"), then had to go to the police station and got fined. Fuck everything in and around Hawaii (except dem hot bitties)


some of you are too fucking stupid to walk and breath.

how did they "steal" the sandwiches if they didn't even leave the fucking store, retained the wrappers for the express purpose of scanning them to pay and pay for $50 worth of groceries?

no one here ever make an innocent mistake?

there are mistakes and oversights, and then there are crimes.

this was not a crime.

some of you are dumb dumb dumb.


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Fuck all of you who side with Safeway. The lady was pregnant and hungry. She paid for everything else and just forgot about the sandwich. It's perfectly reasonable to start eating while waiting in line. At restaurants, do you pay before you eat?

The couple should sue the shit out of Safeway for the psychological damage done to the baby and punishing the innocent baby in the womb. If the woman gets a miscarriage, Safeway is going down. Also, Safeway is fucking expensive anyway and provide shitty foods. Repping that Aldi everyday!




Pregnant women are known for their viscous mood swings, untold mayhem could have insued if she were let back up. I dont blame the cashier one bit. Now if it had have been a pregnant man no one would give a shit about this...


Every store I've worked at had th policy of shoplifting occuring once a person crosses the door to exit without paying.

But with food what if you eat it and then shit it out? You didn't leave with it.....


I actually perform undercover security for a local grocery store chain and can picture exactly what happened in this story. However, we are trained and instructed to practice judgment based on each situation. It looks like the folks at Safeway (and then the police) did not practice sound judgment.

I often see people eating something in the store while they shop, which obviously catches my attention, and I have to keep watching to see if they pay for it. Here are a couple scenarios:

  1. Someone opens and eats the sandwich in the store and goes out of their way to ditch the wrapper, indicating no intent to ever pay for it. Shoplifting. I contact them at the store exit (after they pass all points of sale and make no effort to pay), apprehend them, and take them to the office. I do not allow them to pay since they already had that opportunity and showed intent to steal. Police come and issue a citation. They are typically released, unless they have a warrant or caused a major disturbance.

  2. Someone opens and eats a sandwich and leaves the wrapper in their cart, but forget to scan it when they buy their other stuff. No way to prove intent to steal, could have been a mistake. I will bring it to the cashier's attention so they can ask about it. This usually leads to an embarassed, "oh yeah, I forgot" and it's over. Sometimes a customer will raise a stink about it or pretend like it wasn't theirs, and I will give them the option to pay for it now or we can talk about it further in the office, or let the police decide. They always pay for it then.

In the story linked above, I cannot imagine how it would get as far as it did, with a pregnant woman and a child involved. My first responsibility as Loss Prevention is to protect the company's assets. That means, not only merchandise, but also minimizing liability and protecting the brand. Poor PR loses money. Lawsuits cost money.

Even if a pregnant woman with a child were to intentionally steal a sandwich, I might err on the side of allowing them to pay or even letting them get away with it. If I am seen harassing a pregnant lady with a kid in tow, I will lose that PR battle every time, no matter what she did, and that would hurt the company more than the cost of the sandwich.

Several years ago, one of the stores I work for cited someone for eating a peanut in the store (Not me, I wasn't working there yet). That one got to the news and led to a shitstorm for the company. While technically shoplifting, we are better off letting those go, LOL.

In my cases, the police are usually more thoughtful on how to work with the people I apprehend. I can't believe that there would be an arrest and CPS brought into it unless there was some serious shit in the background (warrants, threats of violence, etc.). Sounds like everyone fucked up here.

And there is no way I would keep them there for four hours, waiting for police. WTF? There are some serious problems with this story.


Not to mention other viscous things.


Also, if there are two people, I only cite one of them (whoever actually took the product) and let the other go, unless it was obvious that they were both involved and instrumental in the theft. In this case, I don't see a reason to arrest or even detain both of them, even if there wasn't a kid.

Say the lady meant to steal the sandwich and had no plan to pay for it. Even if I did decide to apprehend, I'd take her in, leave the kid with the dad, the cops would show up for a citation and report, and they'd be out in about 20 minutes.


I thought she did leave the store?