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Boycott GearBoxInc

For the past 4 years I’ve had no problems w/ gearboxinc.com. their prices, product selection, and customer service were all top-notch. However over the past two months that I have been waiting on an order of some supplies and a bottle of Liv-52 (an excellent liver-support formula IMO), GBI has been dodging me, not returning my emails, or claiming they have every type of problem from inventory to computer-server issues.

Also during this time, I spoke to other people who claim to have received “sterile” vials with hairs in them (the short & curly type), packaging that… lets just say could’ve caused problems, and other people waiting months for their orders.

I’ve been waiting since October 9th. Has anyone else seen similar problems w/ this company? I really didn’t want to bring this problem to the forums, and over the past two months I’ve been waiting patiently, asking them to refund my CC if they can’t ship the order, and emailing them every week; being the epitome of politeness the entire time.

Well the time for courtesy is over. They stopped responding to my emails all together. I’m asking that anyone who’s ever been screwed over by an unscrupulous company to stand with me and boycott GearBoxInc. Spread the word on whatever other forums you post on. Hell, cut & paste this post if you want. They thought that they could blow me off over a mere $30 order and nothing would come of it. Let’s show unethical companies like GearBox what happens when you mess with a group of people who don’t even know eachother!

Mad as Hell, -V

I find it interesting that you have all of 4 posts on this site.

who’s to say you arn’t their competition, trying to bash them.

my advise to you, and anyone else on here, is to establish a reputation first before you start knocking down someone else’s.