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Boy Meets World


I thought this show was fucking stupid growing up. I thought Corey was a pussy, Shawn was a drama queen, Topanga needed to shut up and get a dick in her mouth. Admittedely still watched from time to time, so I will say Corey's older brother was hilarious in the college episodes. Rant over.


Ummm okay... I guess??


Do not disparage Boy Meets World.....


Eric went crazy mid-series.

I think maybe he was a schizophrenic.


Boys Meets World was cool.

Saved by the Bell was better.

Entire Nickelodeon run > Both of the aforementioned shows.


Mr. Feeny! Mr. Feh-huh-huh-eeny! MR. FEENY!


TGIF on ABC was the best night, EVER!!


and here I am thinking how cool it was when my folks would go out and the babysitter would let me watch The Facts of life, Diff'rent strokes, and Silver Spoons.... damn I'm getting old -lol.



Let's not forget Welcome Back Kotter and...ermm. Damn. What was the name of that comedy series with the Harlem family. The son, tall skinny guy, was a really good painter?


Can I get a WKRP up in here?


Good times. Don't remember much about boy meets world other than I dug it when I was 10.


Ahh Good Times! Cheers! I'm off to youtube the opening sequence I haven't seen in 20 odd years :stuck_out_tongue:


Boy Meets World is a tv show??

I thought it was an Emo band.


20 points to Stern for spotting the Knight Rider/ Boy Meets World connection.


Corey was the biggest bitch ever.

Topanga was hot though. She had awesome eyes.


And her lips...tasty.


Everything is connected somewhere along the line. :smiley:


Mr. Feeny sounds familiar:


Eric took a nose dive after Corey graduated from middle school. He went from a cooler older brother to some dumb guy that is still in high school and hangs around his younger brother because all his friends left and got a career. Really sad.


I loved the earlier episodes. Things took a nosedive after they went through puberty.