Boy Gets to Be SEAL for a Day

Man I’ll tell you, it says a lot about people when they take time out of their day to help make a sick little kid’s dream come true. I’m not an emotional man whatsoever but I’ll be damned if this didn’t hit me pretty hard, especially what Ogden says at the end of the article and the little video. There’s another really short video where Ogden has him shooting on the range and then says “ok time to start your sniper training” and the kid just grins like a banshee and nods his head like he can’t believe its happening and it’s gonna fall off haha.

Great stuff, thanks for posting man.

That was pretty goddamn cool.


[quote]Aragorn wrote:
… and the kid just grins like a banshee…

I didn’t know banshees grinned. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Awesome … Thanx for posting that

Believe me, his parents are happier than he is. Great that they did that for him and his family.