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Boy Found Buried In Playground Sand


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. â?? A boy's body has been found buried in the sand of a playground at a public park on the city's northeast side, and police are asking the public for their help as detectives try to find out who the child is.


if the mom hasnt been murdered theres suspect #1

I bet she flipped when her kid fell off the swings and snapped his neck.


Wonder who found that body..


It's shit like this that makes me feel too many different emotions at once....

That's what I get for reading the damn thing.


Sounds like Stewie Griffin was involved


A mother and her children playing...they saw shoe sticking out of the sand.


Best hiding spot EVER!!


That poor little boy, I hope he didn't suffer. WTF is wrong with people.


Maybe it was an accident...

Naw, that doesn't make sense. Fuck.


thats fucked up. Death penalty for the murderer.

Rest in Peace, young one. +JMJ+


Happy day at the park for all!