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I’ve been considering taking up boxing for a long time, and now is the first time I might actually have the cash for it.

I’m not going to lie, though, that I’m a little intimidated by the whole thing, walking in there not knowing my ass from my elbow, plus most likely being one of the only white guys.

Anyone have any experience with this? Is it something that you have to be doing from a young age in order to not get fuckin killed?

Does it eventually just get like going to the gym for us lifters?

it depends on what gym you go to, but i am sure that any gym will have people who are beginners like yourself. Boxing gyms always have people who are wanting to just get in and try their hand at it, so if you are interested, just go in and start training.

I always like seeing new people coming into the gym to box, shows that the sport is not dying and gives you more sparring/training partners.


I have a little bit of experience here, and if my experience is any indicator, you won’t be in a ring mixing it up with an opponent for a long time. In other words, when I did it, I spent a ton of time doing nothing but training.

I didn’t do it long, but the entire time I did, I did nothing but practice, getting endurance up (mainly the endurance aspect of keeping your hands up), practicing how to hit, etc. Real basic fundamentals - remember, it is a ‘science’. I suspect you would spend a lot of time getting prepared, which would help you get more comfortable.

Oh, and endurance is everything - good reason to quit smoking. ;>

Don’t worry, they are used to seeing beginners. I’m also the only white guy of my kickboxing club, but who cares?

When I joined the boxing class at my former gym I was the only woman and the only non-Russian/non-Georgian there. Nobody cares: the only prerequisites for boxing newbies are seriousness, a lack of attitude and a willingness to learn. (Much like lifting newbies, really.)

It’s a wonderful sport and you’ll discover reserves you didn’t know you had. Wish I was back at that gym now.

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
I’m not going to lie, though, that I’m a little intimidated by the whole thing, walking in there not knowing my ass from my elbow, plus most likely being one of the only white guys.[/quote]

You’ll do a lot of drills and pick up what you need to learn pretty quickly. You’ll then get your ass kicked sparring. No matter how good of shape you’re in, you’ll likely fall to your knees after a few body blows. Be prepared to wake up with headaches.

It’s good fun, though.

You’re still young enough that you’ll be able to recover from the abuse.

Dude, just go…I joined a gym awhile back just because I wanted to expand that skill set and I suck at punching, but it was one of the more rewarding things I’ve done and I’m only able to make it about twice a week.

Also, about 70 percent of the guys that train are highschool age and while it sucks to have them running circles around you, the competitive environment they create is pretty beneficial to training.

It will be time well spent even if you have no competitive aspirations. Your balance and timing will improve and it’s great cardio.

Thanks for all the responses. Eased my concerns a little bit.

As for being intimidated, everyone is so don’t worry about that. You’ll learn to control that fear though. It’s a big part of what makes boxing great, IMO.

i know what you mean when you say youre worried about being white… i was terrified about being a girl…

truth is other fighters will come to respect you as you come back and as they watch you improve. you wont get it immediately…

boxing is also pretty cheap compared to most sports. its all about just doing the work rather than spending money on tan.

do it you will have to work hard but you will love it…

some advice, something i have been learning the hard way…every fighter has their own style, so dont get caught up on trying to be like the other fighters in order to fight… im
learning to relax and its the best thing ive ever done…i think that "fighter"is more mindset than body…

report back let us know how it goes…

dude,just go there and try it. It’s been great so far with me (3 months so far).
I’ve also started sparring. not much, maybe 2 rounds after training and at first i was psyched up when i got hit (i’ve never been really hit before) and now i really don’t care if i get hit- i got used to it.

Basically all i wanted to say is that you will probably regret more not going there than going.

plus it’s a nice change of pace after few years of just weightlifting (which i still do, but not as much).

Its a shock to the system one of thoughest things i ever did, fitness wise, but if you work as hard as you can i think they appreciate that as should any1

irish, as documented in my log, i joined a boxing gym for a few months, and loved it.

i went in there with no expectations, just wanted a fun way to get in shape as i HATE traditional cardio, and the sled was getting boring.

after 3 months of 2-3 times a week training, i still could not spar 2 full rounds.

not only was i the oldest guy there, i think i was the only non-mexican national.

it was very intimidating seeing 160-180lbs 17-19 year olds hitting the heavy bag 10 times faster AND harder than i could.

it is fun and a great way to get into shape.

if not for the triceps surgery, i would still be doing it.

All of the variables depend on the gym. If you get lucky and find one that is a “real” gym, you’ll get your ass kicked the first few times in.

If it’s a commercial gym, you’re probably going to be bigger than most of the people in there, and won’t spar for a few months.

Eventually either place is going to feel like home if you keep up with it.

Good luck if you decide to try it out.

All of these are good points. In a good gym, you should start sparring sometime after you have been exposed to most (or all) of the basic punches and defenses. I would say in the first two weeks.

The biggest thing to doing well in sparring is coming in without an ego, and being cool. It never fails to amaze me when some dude comes into the gym with a huge attitude and who has no skills. Naturally they get jacked in their first sparring session and never come back. Just be cool, and people won’t kill you.