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this post is open to anyone that knows about famous pro boxers and their unique skills they bring into the ring that sets them apart from others. I like to start off with Jack Dempsey who was known for his power hitting of "his time". One thing I want to know is has anyone heard of the "Dempsey Roll" in which he is famous for and other boxers with their own uniqueness.


Ali was a great one on a lot of levels including mental intimidation of the opponent, however, I remember the "rope a dope" as a great strategy.

He would let a guy like Foreman punch himself out while he covered up. When the other guy got tired, he went at him.

I thought Sugar Ray Leonard could throw a hook that could hit you around a corner. Big arc for a guy his size that could drop a bear when it landed.


If you're really interested in some great boxing info, find your local library's interlibrary loan program, and search out a copy of Dempsey's book "Championship Fighting". It is the best boxing how-to (in fact the best martial arts book, period)that I have ever seen.

The writing style is old-fashioned, because he published it in 1950, but it goes into great detail about how to punch hard, and the drills to make it happen.

I have put in over a decade of martial arts practice, and this book made my hook punch work, and jabs much stronger. It's good.


I love Jack Dempsey, and never even knew he wrote a book. I appreciate this post! Thanks...I will look into that.


Big fan of rocky mac...Having a signature punch is always good. Out punched, out thought, out brawled and out trained many many men much bigger.
I might try to learn the suzie Q myself...


Iron Mike Tyson used his teeth...I don't think anyone else copied that.