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I’m 20 and on Friday, at the urging of my cousin, I’m going to be accompanying him to ourlocal boxing club and signing up for lessons- 3 times per week.

I not 100% sure how the sessions are organised but he tells me that there is some technique work followed by bag work and then, later when basics are mastered, sparring.

Here’s my question…

I have been working out for a while, about 10 months, and in that time have dropped a lot of weight- about 70 lbs. However, I was clueless for much of that time and physically am far from a specimen. My diet is far from perfect but I am learning. For the last few weeks I have been following the, “Beginner’s Blast off Program.” I’ve been working out for awhile but this is the first serious all over body program I have used.

Anyway, with taking up boxing would you recommend on staying on that program or changing to a different one.

With cardio sessions I am currently working out 5-6 times a week and am worried about over training. Would it for instance be ok to go to the gym in the morning do weights and cardio and then at 6pm go to boxing or would that be over doing it?

For your first two weeks in boxing - I would ditch the AM cardio. You ain’t gonna need it. I still perform a AM training session (weights) and box in the evening (5-7PM) on Mondays. But that’s the only day of the week I train AM and box PM. 3-4 days of weight training should suffice for you. THEN, if that gets to be too much, cut down to just three days. However, I wouldn’t worry about overtraining if you’re eating correctly. And it sounds like you’re getting there in terms of nutrition. However, once you begin this new schedule, you’ll understand the importance of your diet. Begin a food log NOW. At least do that. Make sure you’re receiving enough protein and also, consider something like Surge to help w/recovery. I drink Surge even after boxing.

You're going to want to be fresh for your boxing sessions. And you'll receive plenty of "cardio" there.