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Boxing vs MMA: Age of Competitors


Both sports are great, but there's a problem.

Boxers tend to break down at 30 and retire by 35. MMAers can be quality fighters into theirs 40's(Dan Henderson, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell)

Anybody know why MMAers tend to last so long compared to boxers.

For the record, both sports are great and I'm not trying to start shit between the two.


Less shots to the head means less damage, and boxing relies far more on your natural speed, in terms of both handspeed and reflexes. In MMA you don't have to have fast hands- you can take someone to the ground and work from there. But boxers, once they lose a step around 33-37 years of age... well, it becomes blatant.


Well, the thread is over. Thanks, Irish. Know it all.


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