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Boxing vs Kickboxing


Ie dabbled in boxing and taekwondo, but recently after doing research, ive decided to seriously study kickboxing. But which would be more effective in a street fight, boxing or kickboxing?


not saying i know how to fight, but from a common sense perspective - most people can throw a punch but mostly never expect to get a roundhouse to the face if ya know what i mean :wink: kickboxing allows you to keep your distance while inflicting damage. why only use half ur body in a fight?


Only one thing you can do in a street fight



Break it down.

Kicks can be unexpected, but when the shit hits the fan, and your fine control goes out the window, you generally don't want to be kicking unless you're very good at it. It unbalances you and leaves you ripe to be tackled. Not to mention most places that violent confrontations are common, such as clubs/bars, there's not a whole lot of space to kick.

Also, hands will always move faster than a leg. An experienced boxer could drop the first guy and then start on a his buddies before an experienced kick boxer fires off his first kick.

Not saying you shouldn't add kickboxing into your skillset, just saying in the case your talking about, boxing is almost always going to be more effective. It's easier to throw effective punches in bunches when your adrenaline is through the roof than it is to pull off a proper kick.


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Answer at your own risk.


Teep (sp?) and leg kicks would be the only things I can think would work in a self defense situation. But like others have said, just do what Bas says and dangity dangity dang, you know?




Boxing. No question about it


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Clip is obviously a nerdy white kid living in his mom's basement in suburban New Jersey. He has never seen a 145lb dumbbell in real life, let alone pick one up or press it. He may have dabbled in TKD though, because everyone knows TKD is for dweebs.


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