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Boxing Training

I’ve started recently with a new trainer, and he’s completely changed my weight training methods. Instead of using a 4 day split, he says I only need to lift twice a week, and he has me doing a lot of strongman stuff, plus sled dragging, tire flipping, etc. the weights i do lift are done only explosively. He said that I don’t ever need to improve my limit strength.

I’m curious about a couple of things. first, can I make optimal progress only training twice a week? I’m in my off-season, so my sport-specific training is not too grueling right now, and I don’t want to under-train. Also, is it wise to never do any limit strength training - wouldn’t increasing my limit strength also help with my starting and speed strength? Finally, what kind of program would you put together for a boxer? At this new gym I have access to almost any sort of equipment you could imaging - stones, bands, safety squats, sleds, tires, etc. - and I am kind of overwhelmed putting everything together. Thanks for your time.


Does your trainer actually box? Has he ever fought before?

well, there’s a boxing trainer there who actually takes us through the ring work and what not, and he has boxed and trained plenty of champions. This new guy is the “training guru” and deals with the strength training portion. I’m just trying to get someone else’s ideas on his methods.

good thread, im waiting too…