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Boxing training

okay so ive been very much into boxing training lately. What are your guys thoughts(I’d really like CT’s on conditioning as I have an idea on what he’ll say for weight training, much like an athlete, develop RFD and limit strength in the weight room let specific drills and sparring take care of conditioning)? I’ve been doing it as i think the hand speed and reaction time developed will have a great carry over to football, along with the agility and footspeed that boxers develop(I use a jump rope for this). As well their unbelieveable low bodyfat levels(strength to weight ratio…), explosive power, anaerobic endurance, fast recovery from hard bouts of work and the performance of technical work(footwork, agility, punching, speed, etc) under fatigue. As well I have been looking at dinosaur training in light of the thread I saw, it just looks like a lot of odd movements, low volume, and low volume of exercises? I think I’ll stick with my oly’s and iso’s, along with the two uni lateral exercises.

Thoughts on what exactly, what’s the question?

on boxing training…ie how strength and conditioning would be organized, what they would consist of, the schedule would be and how they would fit in with skill specific training…i thought boxing training would automatically encompass all of these rather than making my title and post this much longer…

Well, for a start on boxing conditioning, keep it to the heavy bag and do Tabata intervals (20 seconds on at all out max, 10 seconds off). Start out with the typical 8 rounds (4 minutes). Mike Mahler recommends that 20 minutes of this (40 rounds) is good conditioning. But you may want to get cocky and beat that because boxing is hardcore on the conditioning. (I worked up to 55 rounds so far, trying for 60 tomorrow). You can do this roughly twice or three times a week.

Also, definitely read any QnA at Elitefts by Martin and Tom about MMA training (as you can take some ideas from them and apply it to boxing).

You can use boxing training to enhance your speed, conditioning or you can also look into Renegade Training. Hell, even strongman training will help you in those areas.

You need to find your weaknesses and develop that. You don’t have enough time to work on everything. Its called ‘training econonomy’ see defrancos article. Personally I like to work on strength and power because its probably the only quality that isn’t developed in my Boxing training. Before a fight I might work on more conditioning, more road work (lactate threshold training CT’s running man 400m) and muscular endurance.

Currently I hit the weights 4 times a week. Now alot of people may baulk at this but I know my body and I built my work capacity up slowly. If I am fighting I may drop this down to twice a week and drop it entirely two weeks out before a fight. It all depends how I feel, but the key is progression. Anything you add to your boxing will hamper your recovery and it will take time for you to build up your work capacity, so do it slowly.

ok just out of curiousity, how does mike tyson train pre fight and between bouts? how did he train when he was with cus? a lot of people say they know what hes doing but wont disclose, so please dont do that, if you know your contribution is appreciated.

creed is right on with his advice! I too train with weights 4 and sometimes 5 times per week. I have worked up to this after a great number of years. Personally, I think instead of overtraining, most guys today are undertraining.

As you bring in the boxing training you will have to cut back on the weights, as recovery will be a factor.

As for specific boxing training, I like the the jump rope. Keep a timer next to you and set it for one or two minutes to begin with and work your way up, resting half as much time. Example, Jump for 2 min. rest for 1 min.