Boxing Training

Hey there CT,

I saw your awesome article on Zercher Squats and it prompted me to head on over here and ask for some help with my boxing career.

I’ve been boxing for around 8 years now and in 2012 until late 2013 I really hit the weights hard. I got my bench up to 120kg (3 reps), deadlift to 170kg (double), OHP to 85kg and Squat to 120kg (3 reps).

My weight went from 70kg up to 80kg though and as strong and as powerful as I was, I was struggling with my gastank, and obviously having to fight opponents who were naturally bigger. My coach convinced me to quit weights and I’ve dropped back down to around 72kg. However, I’ve lost massive amounts of power and speed (so, anyone saying weights don’t make you faster should look at my training history).

All this said, I’ve kept my gains to a degree. When I started lifting I was struggling with a 60kg bench and an 80kg deadlift. At 72kg - after testing this week and having not lifted in about 18 months) my bench is 90kg (3 reps), deadlift is 140kg (2 reps), OHP 70kg (3 reps) squat 90kg (3 reps).

Note: I do realise my squats suck!

My first question is: is the power and strength loss partly the result of not lifting heavy stuff and having my body used to that big explosion? I’ve read somewhere that the body quickly becomes more powerful (in as little as 4-6 weeks) once you start weight training.

My second question is: how do I stop this situation happening again? When I was lifting I honestly didn’t feel I was eating too much. I ate about as much as I needed to maintain my energy levels. My rep ranges were around the 3-5 sets for 4-6 reps kind of range, so I wasn’t expecting the kind of gains I got.