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Boxing Shoes vs. Wrestling Shoes


What's the difference between the two? Can you use wrestling shoes for boxing without issues? I assume wrestling shoes are going to be sturdier than boxing shoes. Thoughts? I'm too broke to buy both, but I have a boxing class coming up, and I take jiu jitsu and could use the wrestling shoes in there as well. Thanks for the advice.


Wrestling shoes can be pretty much completely loose.
As far as I know, they're interchangeable.


Awesome, thanks.


Different sole. Wrestling shoes grip more, boxing shoes slide more.


You will see boxers wearing wrestling shoes all the time. Much cheaper than boxing shoes also.


I used boxing shoes during a few wrestling practices, until i got real wrestling shoes. I asked my coach if they were okay to use, he said it was fine. They didn't hold up nearly as well as real wrestling shoes. Most wrestling shoes have laces,zippers, and a velcro cover. Which is very useful, and idk if many boxing shoes have that, mine didnt. Also the biggest difference for me was the weight. The boxing shoes were much heavier, atleast mine were. They were about as heavy as my average casual shoes. I would always prefer wrestling shoes,but I am sure there are hybrids out there,like otomix. But in the OP's situation you dont need shoes for BJJ but you do for boxing. I would choose wresatling shoes over boxing though hands down