Boxing Season 2017

From what I have read this morning, this was a classic heavyweight fight. Perhaps AFN will do a replay. Anybody get a chance to watch it?

Joshua is fourteen years younger than klitschko.

Yeah it was a good fight. Klitschko should have finished him instead of giving him four rounds to recover.

Yeah epic fight, Klitschko had very good movement but got eye cut midway that got pretty bad. Took a hyuuge uppercut in final round and somehow managed to get up -one tough SOB.

Rounds 5-6 an absolute war, as good as I’ve seen in the last 20 years.

Joshua is a monster.

Insane KO from 7 punch combo -like a computer game!..

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I saw the PAC/Horn fight, good God what a horrible decision. Get a little blood on your face (from a fucking headbutt!) and the judges turn into MMA experts, because we all know that whoever is bloodier loses the cage fight.