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Boxing Season 2016


Anyone watch the walters v lomachenko fight?

Walters literally just gave up. Wasn't taking a beating, wasn't taking punishment, was comfortably losing and not really getting any shots on Loma but geez, that's embarrassing for him.

As for Loma, what a fighter. The guy's footwork is out of this world. His ability to turn and get side on to his opponent on a regular basis is unbelievable. I'm not much more than a casual fan but I've never seen footwork like his. Obvs Mayweather and Whitaker, Toney, these guys had great defence but Loma's footwork is insane.

Would love to see Loma vs Rigo. Think the only thing missing from Loma's arsenal is some more power. But you can't have everything or you'd be Sugar Ray haha


I agree wholeheartedly with you regarding Lomachenko's footwork. I really do believe that he is the best boxer on the planet right now. In many ways he reminds me a lot of Mike Tyson in the way that he attacks constantly from angles with unrelenting pressure and constant movement. I actually am quite impressed by his power. I think he doesn't necessarily have the type of "heavy hands" power as some boxers do but, rather, his power comes from timing and hitting his opponents with punches that they don't see coming. Therefore, I guess you could say his is a more cerebral form of power but, power nonetheless.

For me, Lomachenko is must-watch-TV. And I love his willingness to fight the very best and most dangerous opponents. Salido, Russell Jr, Martinez and Walters are all bad men who are quality boxers and who could (and in the case of Salido, did [well, that's up for debate]) beat him. Just think of what the sport would be like right now if there were more boxers with that attitude. Also, what's going on right now with the former Soviet states and their production of excellent and entertaining boxers?! Lomachenko, Kovalev, GGG, Usyk, Beterbiev. Even throw in Provodnikov if you like the gore. Must be something in the water over there.


Agree with both guys about Lomachencko. He's remarkable - probably the best pound-for-pound best in the world right now.

His angles are perfect; he slides back and forth in that tick-tock style and hits you with shots that are difficult to defend against if you're in position and impossible to deal with if you're not. As a southpaw myself, this guy has become my idol haha.

But see, that's what happens when you have 400 fucking amateur fights. People always ignore that pedigree, but it means something. This guy developed a vicious style, and has already tested it against every other style on the planet. So even though he only has 8 pro fights, he's several rungs above other fighters who have 20 or 30 pro fights, but only a handful of amateur bouts.

And that's not limited to him. Kovalev has an amateur record of 195 - 18 - which is nearly a hundred more fights than Andre Ward had - and Gennady posted an amateur record of 345 - 5 (not to mention his Olympic silver medal.)

Thing is, when people look at these dudes, they're only seeing the tip of the iceberg - where they are, not where they've come from.