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Boxing Season 2016


A fight worth watching?



Sure, if only to see if Ward's got a lot of ring rust or looks relatively fresh.

He's so fucking talented, it's a travesty that he hasn't fought in so long. Guy has really done his own career a huge disservice by wasting many years of his prime.


On a related note, if the so-called "super fight" between Ward and Kovalev does actually come to fruition in the fall, who does everyone have coming out on top? I know the conventional wisdom in terms of the style matchup would probably favour Ward by decision but I think at this point in his career, Ward is such an unknown entity due to his extraordinarily long layoff. Kovalev has been mowing down whoever they put in front of him and, while the quality of that opposition has varied, I really think that he's a different fighter since the Hopkins fight. His chin is quite good (not that Ward displays much power) and he has shown excellent discipline in terms of sticking to a game plan and not being sucked into chasing the knockout. Ward's footwork and his ability to engage and withdraw at awkward angles are better than those of anyone Kovalev has yet fought. However, I think Kovalev's ability to cut off the ring and corner opponents into engaging on his terms are underrated. My guess would be a late knockout by Kovalev. However, I think we'll all have a much better idea of where Ward stands today as a fighter after this weekend.


All the best to you and your family:



Kudos for highlighting that Idaho.
Blackwell fought like a warrior, hopefully he pulls through ok.

The weekend was pretty eventful;

Eubank Jr. is a tough tough guy. Deserves a rematch with BJS.
Andre Ward is really special, but does need a tune up before Kovalev or Stevenson.
Kell Brook was leagues above Bizier. Thus proving Brook is readyy for Top Tier (?)

LOT of good fights coming up;
Broner vs. Theopane (Ok not a great fight, but will be interesting.)
Massive night at 168lbs with Jack vs. Bute and DeGale vs. Medina April 30.
Caneloweight is becoming a thing... he just won't 160


This guy is just not very bright:




Unbelievable waste of talent. But I hate this guy so much - so, so much - that in my eyes, there's no limit to the amount of shitty things that should befall him. He's everything wrong with boxing, all wrapped up into one douchebag. Fuck him


I thought the GGG fans would enjoy this, I did.



He's ferocious.
Hope Brook acquits himself well, but I can onlyy see this going one way


Golovkin TKO in 8.

Brook's a good fighter at his weight, but he's never been hit by a full middleweight's punch - much less this middleweight.

He's also not used to moving around for 12 rounds with that much weight on him ... so he's almost guaranteed to slow down.

Golovkin is too fucking amazing for me. I've never seen a guy with better timing, more perfect footwork ... he's just awesome.


Ditto that. Unashamed Golovkin fanboy here. He's not just a great boxer, he's a great FIGHTER and he looks to hurt and to finish. The guy is a fucking monster.


Farrk... what a beast -Brooks eye socket was broken within 2 rounds!!

Honestly thought that would go close to the distance/9ish rounds




I thought it would go further than it did. But I knew Golovkin's power would be too much for Brook. It was just too massive of a shock to the system for a guy used to taking shots from 147 pounders he was generally bigger than anyway.


I couldn't decide whether to chuckle or vent when I saw the Forbes headline after: "Gennady Golovkin's Lackluster Victory Over Kell Brook Should Be Encouraging To Canelo Alvarez"

lackluster huh...ok. Broken eye socket and 5th roudn TKO lackluster. sheesh.

I will say that fighting an opponent moving up to face you gives you in most cases an inherent advantage re: size, but man. Yes, of course Alvarez is a much different animal and that would be one hell of a fight to see, but man that's some hater-ade right there.


What's Uncle Rog say?

"Most people don't know shit about boxing."

That includes Forbes, and whatever dopey ass writer put that article together.


More fanboy stuff: Can you say explosive!...

Friend was at this in London, said when he started throwing those hooks EVERYONE, not facing/ texting etc turned around to see what the noise was


No doubt about it. I think I was just shocked to see it in print. I stumbled upon it by accident and thought it must have been sarcasm…I was wrong lol


My sincere condolences to his family, especially his young son who has lost a father.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but this statement, if accurate, is troubling:

"Michael had severe bleeding and swelling to his brain. He had been complaining of headaches for the last few weeks but we put it down to migraines with the stress of his fight," Ross wrote.


BTW: Need the regular boxers on here to return. FightingIrish has been holding the front line, but, Donny, Londonboxer, Ausso Dave, etc...about time you returned on a regular basis. Hope all of you are well.