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Boxing Season 2016


Following on the thread CartonJ in 2015;

2016 is shaping up pretty well already…

This weekend we have a pretty good fight in Carl Frampton vs. Scott Quigg.

The heavyweight division is the healthiest it has been in many years.
By no means am I saying that the are high-calibre, but it is more competitive and interesting than it has been in well over a decade.


I haven’t kept up much on Frampton - Quigg - I got American blinders on most of the time even though European fights do tend to be entertaining. But I’ll try to pay attention to this one.

I’m not sold on the heavyweight division though. It’s more competitive because of Fury’s win, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s better … Fury is a poor fighter, Deontay Wilder is a joke, and Klitschko is just so damned old and boring.

The king has fallen, true … but that leaves just pawns on the board.


Great idea for a thread.

I haven’t been paying much attention to boxing lately. So I am interested in what fights to pay attention to.

I know FighinIrish26 just wants to focus on Amir Khan though.


Robert A


It’s a great fight to officially ‘crown’ the division’s No.2.
Both have plenty of firepower too, so hopefully will be an interesting watch.

I actually agree RE the heavyweights - but, that’s the charm for me. I think now we will see more competition and more activity.

Yeah… Amir Kahn.
Hand on my heart, when I heard that announcement I had to check it was’t April 1st


Also, how awesome is this little guy?

I can’t see him staying at 112lbs long, but a move up could be even more exciting





I loveeeeee Chocolatito. He’s so slick, so good, so awesome. I really hope him and Lomachenko fight somehow … what a bout that would be.

Although if there’s one thing better than his boxing, it’s hearing Roy Jones try to say “Chocolatito” during the telecast …


He’s a wicked little fighter; really has brought the attention back to the little guys, which is awesome.
Well he has spoken about fighting at BW, so who knows?

Chocolatito vs. Inoue is as big a superfight as there is…
for little guys…
you know what I mean?

I ruined it didn’t I?


It was perfect man. Perfect.

Don’t let anybody tell you different.




Felix Sturm was awarded a decision over Chudinov in Germany last night.
Have to watch it over, but I dont think the decision was just. It was a decent fight and probably set up the rubber match.

Although the fight was probably overshadowed by the decision, I found it interesting how sturms admittedly water tight guard, endured Chudinovs attack and seemed to reveal a few limitations in his game.


Frampton vs Quigg tonight. The hype is pretty huge East of the Atlantic.
Both guys made weight, Frampton seemingly more easily than Quigg. Quigg looked very drawn on the scales, though definitely in superb shape.
Both look super confident throughout the week, though Frampton looked more relaxed at the weigh-in I thought.

Should be a good fight. Potentially the best Ireland vs England clash since Collins vs Eubank 1.

What is more underwhelming is the undercard…


I ended up watching the UFC card last night instead of boxing.

Was Frampton vs Quigg a good fight or are Fury’s dismissive comments justified?


Robert A


Some highlights from this past weekend:


What did you make of the Bisping Silva fight Robert?

Frampton vs. Quigg was a tactical boxing contest, never a fight.
Quigg suffered a terrible break in Round 4 and coped well to go the distance.
Frampton wasn’t in danger for a second and cruised home.


I have been anti-Bisbing since his post fight shenanigans vs Matt Hamal. That said he fought very well and stuck to a game plan even after he was opened up really badly.

Silva spent too much time trying to be really fancy when he needed to make sure he was landing shots. It was a close fight, but Silva fought it like he was putting rounds in the bank when he wasn’t. I think he could have put Bisbing away in the 5th if he would have just got to work. The counter to that is my admitted bias, and the fact that Bisbing rocked him previously in the fight and the clowning could have been a cover for the fact he was not as comfortable moving in on someone who fights smart.


Robert A


Hey hey hey, you keep that MMA bullshit out our boxing thread … .

You fuckers…


I heard this also. But it was a nice shot that broke Quigg’s jaw … dude got caught flush. I don’t care how little those guys are, I wouldn’t have wanted to take that shot haha.


Good shot for sure. Respect to him for taking the shot in and of itself.


Two topics I seek enlightment on…

Kahn vs. Canelo. Are people taking this ‘fight’ as a real contest.

Luis Ortiz… am I missing a whole pile?


Most guys I know are treating this “fight” like the joke it is. Canelo is a top-level pro and he really is big enough to be fighting at middleweight. The idea of him taking on Khan, who had a glass chin at junior welterweight, is abominable. It’s a no-risk fight for Canelo - Khan might keep some speed but won’t carry his power up, so there’s no threat to Canelo, and he can be knocked out at will because of his chin. It’s a glorified sparring match.

Now I hate Khan, so I’ll revel in watching him get beaten to unconsciousness. But I give Canelo no credit for this win.