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Boxing or Lifting?!


I really love both, but I don't want either to cancel one another out. Main problem is I'm bulking with lifting but I want to stay quick for boxing, what do you guys suggest?


Change your lifting routine to aid your boxing ?

There are tons of athletes in all kinds of sports (not just Boxing/MA) who do it.



no offence, but suck it up. Making lean gains isn't hard and will only help you.


Do you like cardio? Because there's a lot of stamina training for boxing : skipping rope,jogging,circuit training


Have you ever watched boxing matches? There�??s a hell of a lot of muscle on all but the tiniest guys. Lifting isn�??t going to slow you down any.


Neither. Instead, pick up golf.


I suggest adding some quality mass and moving up a few weight classes. With boxing training you'll have a very hard time getting fat anyway. Even if you do get a little soft you can shed the fat during your pre-fight cut.

Look at pictures of Bernard Hopkins at 160 pounds (say, against De La Hoya) and then see how he looked at 175 against Tarver. He gained some excellent quality mass there. The two are certainly not incompatible!


Stop being an internet hardass. This post is of no help to the OP, so why make it?

OP, do you plan on competing with your boxing or is it just a hobby? I ask this because the degree to which you tailor your lifting to your boxing will depend on it. As far as maintaining your quickness with your lifting, check out Westside for Skinny Bastards 3. You can gain weight without losing your speed, as long as you dont stop working on your speed while you are gaining that weight.


I wasn't trying to be. he's contemplating quitting lifting to do a sport, when lifting will only help him in that sport because it's too hard. I stick to my comment, and build your routine around being the most efficient boxer you can be, not necesarilly a bodybuilding style routine. ANd how will they "cancel each other out", if you want to be bigger you eat more food, and lift heavy shit. It's pretty simple.


Well, I heard Muhammed Ali did 800 dips each workout, so there's something to work on.


I am competing. I have a match on the first of December. About five weeks out. Just want to be ready physically. In other words, yes I am using it to more than a hobby.


Thanks for all of the replies. The only thing I was worried about was becoming too sluggish, but that's not gonna be a problem if I just keep with my training.


Re-read your post and tell me exactly how much of your second post was in there. Thanks.


Sounds like to me you just said boxing was easier than weight lifting... That is not true, go box a few of your tough friends for 10 minutes, its a hell of alot harder than running for 10 because your using all your force for each punch. And the cardio is a beotch.


Ok, this is my only problem really. I have to make a weight class and I was wondering which one. I can make 152 and be at the top of that weight class, or I can make 165 and face anyone from 165 to 175. I was wondering which would be more beneficial of my boxing, lifting hard and cutting 'bout 5 lbs or what...


Didn't you make a post about a week ago saying you were going to stop "pussyfooting around" about getting stronger and bigger and just do it and now you say you're thinking about cutting 5 pounds?

I don't know much about boxing, but I will caution you to keep your training as simple as possible. If you try to pursue too many goals you probably won't accomplish any of them. And don't take too long deciding what you want (and it is your decision - it almost seems like you want somebody to tell you what to do...) that you do nothing.


If you want to win your fight you would be better off cutting and being the bigger and stronger man in your weight class. When guys gain weight they often don't bring their punching power with him to the bigger weight class.


lift weights and cardio to keep you at the right size and strength. Keep us filled in if/when youu fight!


Well I AM fighting on the 1st of December in Greeley Colorado. Yes I did make a post 'bout not pussyfooting around and gaining weight, but I don't think boxing and lifting are so different that I can't accomplish both. (and those are my only two goals) I don't want anyone but myself to make a decision, I'm mearly looking for peoples inputs.

Another thing, the only reason I'm thinking 'bout cutting 5 lbs is because the competetion is close enough where I won't gain a substantial amount of weight and cutting 5 lbs in 5 weeks is really easy.