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Boxing or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?


would you rather train boxing or brazilian jiu-jitsu?

which one requires more cardio?

which one is more partner oriented?





Them's my answers.


both...boxing you can do more of on your own. BJJ, you need a partner and an instructor. But I enjoy both.


Ideally both, but depends what you are after I guess. BJJ isn't quite so hot in a self defence situation (you don't really want to be going to ground with someone when his mates may be around), but brilliant if you are in situations where you may need to restrain someone (part of your job as example). Plus its good fun.

Both if you can as others have said :slightly_smiling:


Both, and then some.

As far as cardio is concerned, both require high levels of cardio, but slightly different types of cardio. In grappling you are for the most part constantly dealing with the opponent's resistance. In boxing there is a lot of fighting from a distance (though depending on your style there could also be a fair amount of clinch fighting) but also a lot of footwork/movement.


They're both rough on you, and require a massive amount skill, dedication, and work to get good at. They're both great arts full of intricacies.

I like boxing more because it's just my thing. It's also easier to train alone (as you'll find most striking arts are) which is a plus for me.


Easy pick. Boxing.

Cardio and physique wise, boxers are by far the leanest and packs more muscle p4p than any other combat sport. They do alot more running, jumpropes and moving around than BJJ.

Bjj is obviously more partner oriented as you can't really train without a partner. You can get a dummy but it's not as good.

Plus, it just looks more badass when you can fight standing up rather than rolling around trying to see who can execute an armbar first.

So, boxing. But depends on what you're trying to do really.


I would rather train boxing. I am planning on picking it up soon. I think in a day to day think it is something i am more likely to need.

Both require tremendous amounts of cardio in heated fights. I think throwing punches and jumping around would fatigue you more than wrestling with someone for position.

To practice BJJ you NEED partner. You don't need a partner to practice boxing. However, boxing someone else helps in learning how to roll with and avoid/dodge punches which is very important.

In the street and real life: boxing, no question.
If you're into MMA, bjj because that's what everyone knows and uses so if you go in there with no knowledge you're going to get rocked.


I'm leery of boxing because I don't want my head to get beaten on. I don't know how much punishment the average guy taking boxing classes endures, but I've read repeatedly about people having headaches for days after sparring practice.

As terrible as Jiu-Jitsu can be for your joints at least you don't run a high risk of brain damage.

I like Jiu-Jitsu for other reasons, but can't really pinpoint them. And on the whole street fighting issue, I know of four guys who've defended themselves with Jiu-Jitsu and none of them went to the ground (3 standing rear naked chokes and a standing wristlock).


Wrestlers are bigger and stronger than boxers if we're talking about "physique" and "packing on muscle" IMO. The rest of your points probably stand.


Your head only hurts if you fuck up and get popped in the face...


My BJJ instructor had trained a variety of combat arts but told me he settled on BJJ because he liked the idea of being able to fight without violence or necessarily hurting someone else or being hurt himself.

Or as it is said, jiujitsu is the gentle art.

On a more practical side, I like training jiujitsu because it's a live combat art, but as long as you know how to tap, the odds of being hurt are pretty much nil. Since I'm one of the 40 million uninsured, I take that as a big plus.

Given the chance though, I'd love to train boxing on a serious level. I think off the mat, it's much more usable than BJJ.


well, i primarily train BJJ for a number of reasons.

one, that's my weak area, where i am naturally a pretty skilled MT/kickboxer....

two, the BJJ guys are a lot cooler than the MMA guys or other gihters i know. generally a lot more laid back, and more apt to teach one another.

and thirdly, i can train striking on my own a little bit...obviously not like i could with a partner, but enough to keep from regressing too much.

but that's just my opinion....


boxing definitely requires more cardio, true jiu jitsu once your good at it should become more and more about efficiency and effortlessness and not being a sporting event. Jiu jitsu is definitely more partner oriented, i don't feel like im really practicing or training unless I have a partner. With boxing you can do shadowboxing and hit the bags and things like that.

Personally, I train both, but if I had to pick I would pick jiu jitsu. To me its more fun, and also it involves slipping punches to get to the clinch to get the submission, when you are training jiu jitsu for fighting, not sport jiu jitsu. Boxing does not involve any groundwork or escaping submissions.


I am currently boxing, sparring is a ton of fun and to me striking is just more badass. But I would LOVE to do jiu-jitsu once I have more time/money.

They require different types of cardio...grappling is much more anerobic/lactic, boxing is more aerobic with short burst using the anerobic/alactic system.


Would you rather eat an apple, or an orange?

One really supplements the other. What do you do if the fight gets to the ground? Use BJJ. How will you defend yourself on your feet? Boxing. You get the point.

I will say this (and hopefully not open a can of worms with this comment), that all fights in the sport of MMA DO begin standing up.