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Boxing - Nose Injuries


I found a really cool boxing gym around my area. I've always wanted to try boxing and for the last few months have been thinking about finally joining a gym.

Do amateur fighters develop the same deformation of the nose as the pros? Call me a pussy but this is the only thing holding me back from finally joining. I don't care if it hurts or the blood e.t.c..... but just the though of having a "boxers nose" makes me think twice before joining... It really pisses me off.


If that makes you think twice, find another sport.

Go play badminton or soccer or some shit.


I already play footy. Badminton and Soccer in the same category?? lol.


like cauliflower ear and wrestling, not everyone's nose gets jacked up from boxing...though if you spend enough time sparing (sparing hard) chances increase exponentially that it'll get busted. I have a friend who has been boxing since he was 9...he's busted his nose at least 4 times...the damn thing just goes flat now when he pushes it in.

But, his friend that started with him has never had it busted and they've basically trained and boxed together the entire time.


most amateurs are very active & compete 2-3x a month, plus weekly sparring. So yes you can bang your nose up pretty bad as well as your eyebrows.

Don't be fooled by head gear. From my experience they don't protect much, just against cuts. & if you think wearing a full face head gear will save you're face, you're wrong. It will make your training partner go harder cause he thinks you're protected.

If you want to just learn, you can ask a trainer not to spar, but you'll be missing out.


This sounds like a good idea. I was thinking of just buying a heavy bag, some gloves and a jump rope and "learning" punching technique. As much as I would like to compete I like my face the way it is :P.


lol you most likely won't get your face fucked up. especially if you are a light guy. most light guys don't hit that hard and such. boxing there's TONS of face punching...why don't you try Muay Thai..yeah you get hit in the face..but there's lots of kicks and knees and such so you focus on other stuff and some guys don't rely too much on head punching.

most guys use puncehs to set up a powerful kick etc, but it all depends.
i got my nose fucked up pretty bad, but my face doesn't look any different. I still look good, and got a pretty boy face hahah.
but for real, if your really concerned about it..

if you fight someone in sparring and once you get hit you'll probably think about not getting hit so much you won't do very good in the ring...it's something you'll have to overcome..which of course you definaetly could if you got in the ring enough. all takes time brother


No one will force you into the ring, however good coaching is essential in learning proper technique. Eventually you will have to face a living opponent in order to learn how to apply those techniques into a target that moves and strikes back.

By the way, Extreme Couture has a competitive soccer team. :wink:


What?! If you're concerned about how you it might effect your looks, I'd start with Billy Blanks ThaiBo VHS. This may help clear things up a little.


If I were to take a pic of me straight on, it's pretty obvious my nose has been broken a handful of times. My septum's deviated as a result and I can't breathe out of more than 1 nostril at a time but that's life. If you're worried about a little nose trouble then boxing isn't for you.


The guy who taught me how to box had that. He'd had it smashed by a spinning backfist that caught him by surprise.