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Boxing Myths


I was going to give this thread the title "Saying these things while wearing a fedora and chomping on a cigar does not make them true" but it was a bit too long. Post your boxing myths, as they come to you.

Dundee preventing the attendants from tighening the ropes during the "Rumble in the Jungle"

This one is particularly bad. Angelo was actually calling for the ropes to be tightened. He feared that the looseness was trapping his fighter and allowing him to get hit.

Ketchel Johnson

The myth here states that Stanely Ketchel and Jack Johnson had agreed to fight to a draw. Ketchel then saw his opportunity to deck Johnson in the twelfth round and fired off an opportunistic right. Johnson, surprised, hit the floor, only to easily knock out the much smaller Ketchel when he reached his feet.

The truth is, Ketchel did throw a surprise right hand, IN THE FIRST ROUND. Johnson, wise to the ways of the world, was prepped for the double-cross and rolled with the punch, robbing it of most of it's impact. Thus began the first of twelve rounds of a punishing boxing match, with Ketchel soaking up much of the punishment. Stanley hit the deck several times throughout the fight and on at least one occassion his corner feared he would not rise.

None of this prevented the infamously stone-fisted middleweight from landing a punch in the 12th that took the shocked Johnson clear off his feet. Johnson took his time in rising. He came to his feet by the end of the eight-count and was fully recovered when a desperate Stanley Ketchel rushed in to finish the job. Ketchel lunged and Johnson slamed home a counter right uppercut that was so vicious it put Stanley down for the count and robbed him of a few of his teeth for good measure.

Dundee tearing open a cut in Ali's gloves to give him more time to recover.

This actually did take place in the first Cooper fight. However, Ali gained little or no time on the clock for this infringement.


This one I disagree with, he did get some extra time and it was a genius move.

Even an extra ten seconds can make a HUGE difference in what you got left for the next round.

The thing is with these, boxing is such a corrupt sport that its hard to tell fact from fiction.

For instance, in the first Ali- Liston fight, Liston's corner rubbed some kind of peppermint shit on Sonny's gloves when he was getting his ass kicked in the fifth, and Ali fought most of that round blinded because of it. It was Sonny's last ditch attempt to KO him, and when it failed, that bout was over.

My coach, who was with Ali's guys back in the day, said it was a pretty common thing to do and that Bundini did it for Ali as well.

So who fucking knows.

However, the thing about Roberto Duran knocking out a horse is supposedly myth, but then everytime I say that someone comes along and says it definitely happened.

I prefer to believe it did because Duran is one of my favorites ever.


Yeah, apparently on tape he got an extra six seconds or something. I've never been creamed badly enough to know the value of those seconds so you could be right there. One interesting thing is that Cooper claims the time was much longer and that the video was subsequently edited to make it look like Ali got practically nothing out of it. Don't know much about that one.
Dundee did a whole bunch of other illegal stuff into the bargain though, smelling salts and all kinds of crap.

I'd have to wonder about Ali actually using that stuff in a fight. Firstly because I never saw an opponent of his badly blinded and secondly because he actually talked openly about being offered it. I'll try and find the clip, it's from an English talk show.

And yeah, despite the lack of any evidence, I fully believe that Duran has been knocking out horses since he was in pre-school.


I would DEFINITELY appreciate it if you could, that's funny.

Bhahhahaa, so true. I love him. I'll try to think of a couple others...there are sooo many of them


Maybe it's easy to knock horses out because they seem to never have their hands up guarding their faces.

Does it means 1 punch K.O. or he combos a poor horse?


This made me laugh, honestly. Good man.


Fantastic Thread.


Hah! i knew i could find a horse with solid boxing foundations!


this boxing horse even learned how to clinch, that's one dirty horse mother fucker


Duran used to run in a park where I used to live. I wanted to talk to him and get his autograph, but I don't speak Spanish.


Sorry man, no luck so far. It was from an interview in England done right after (as far as I can tell) the Rumble in the Jungle. There was a huge amount of audience involvement and it was one of their questions that spurred him on to this particular story. Maybe someone else 'round this forum can point me in the right direction.

EDIT: Boom. www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IcUTEgFVao

Can't remember exactly where he talks about it, but I doubt you'll regret watching the whole thing. In my opinion, it's the best fucking interview he did.


Thank you for posting the link.

So, any consensus on Willy Pep winning the round without throwing or without LANDING a punch?


Robert A


I have heard that this is a myth, though I cannot remember if it was because Pep threw at least one punch or because he clowned around and lost the round narrowly. Pretty sure it's the former.

EDIT: Wow. Guess I got it wrong. http://www.eastsideboxing.com/williepep.html

DOUBLE EDIT: All right just realised that the repoter's source was Bert Sugar. So it's still an open question folks.


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my hate for horses began with The Oatmeal

worth a reading if you have time



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Dude... this is ridiculous. Has me laughing in my fucking office.


I know, that's how i became a huge fan of The Oatmeal =)