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Boxing Injuries


I've been looking into boxing for a while and am pretty interested in it. It's one of the more interesting combat sports in my opinion.

My question is, what sort of effects does boxing have on your brain? I know getting hit in the head isn't the most positive thing for your brain, but I'm wondering to what extent you can sustain damage, both short and long term.

I'm obviously not going to be a professional boxer and may not even compete as an amateur, but what effect does serious and consistent practice and sparring have?

Any links or first hand information/opinions would be appreciated.


well if its just amateur your pretty fine i guess. Theres less injuries with amateur boxign then with football even. As for chronic brain injury im not so sure, After a hell of alot of fights sure some damage may occur but sparring with headgear and 16oz gloves is different then using 8oz gloves in an amateur comp or without headgear for pro.


So with 16oz gloves and headgear its relatively safe, even moreso than football.


I know schools like Cambridge and Oxford have discontinued boxing as a school sport. 30 years or so ago it used to be one of the biggest honors to be in one of those schools boxing teams. They discontinued it because of the brain damage. I don't know if it was precautionary or if it was because there was serious brain damage in their students.

Just some random info. Make whatever you want of it.


With gloves and headgear yes, even concussion rates are down during training for it, altho there higher then football if u compete be it amateur or pro.


Is this a joke? If you're really worried about it, I mean that worried, don't do it.


Getting hit in the head is terrible for your brain, don't matter what sport you're doing. I've had my bell rung so badly in football that I was nearly knocked out. It happens.

Boxing is safe enough if you're not competing. If you get in there with 8 oz. gloves and no headgear, though, be prepared for the two day headache. And if you do it long enough, it gives you Parkinsons or bleeding in the brain or other fun shit.

As far as sparring, I've never taken a shot hard enough to KO me.... there were far, far worse hits I took in football.


I got more injuries from sparring from when I met the aus champ. Broken nose, a couple ribs and I did get KO'd sparring.

Bones heal, no big deal. But brain damage is possible. Make sure you get a coach who will challenge you but not to the point where you are going to suffer brain damage. You will know where your skill level is and whether or not you are going to get killed by sparring a particular person.

If I can handle it you can too...

Go along for a week and i guarantee that youll know if its for you by the end.


I guess this is mainly what I wanted to know. I've gotten my bell rung pretty hard in football (losing consciousness and such) and don't particularly want to get my head busted in like that for life.

Thanks everyone for the advice/opinions.


Man, give it a go. As boxingash said, you'll know after a week or so if its for you.

You might get over your thing of getting hit in the nose if you find you're really into it....


Funny you should say that since we (trinity) were fighting against Oxford a couple of weeks ago.