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Boxing gyms for Patricia

Instead of listening to some of the mamalucchi who posted on this thread, why don’t you check out what is probably the best boxing gym in the world, the legendary Gleason’s gym? Its in Brooklyn, right on da water. Not only is it America’s oldest active boxing gym, they’ve produced 121 World Champs (not a typo)!
There are over 200 pro fighters who curently train at Gleason’s.
And as a side note, since you do jj, check out their pro wrestling school that’s produced a bunch of guys in the WWE(F) like D-von Dudley, Taz, Bill DeMott etc.

Sonny S: Gleason’s!!! That’s it! Thanks, guy! I’ve been knocking my head, trying to remember the name of “that” gym! I have the movie “Shadow Boxers” (DVD) and the owner is on it, talking about the history of women’s boxing. Very kewl.


I am interested in learning how to box (lots of pent-up ‘teen angst!’) but I really haven’t any idea where to begin. I was wondering if you recommend a specific gym around the Portland area or know of a place that offers beginners’ classes. Any help would be appreciated as I have never been involved in this kind of activity before and I don’t know what to expect as far as martial arts background needed or time-commitment wise.

Thank you

Hi Kathleen!

Very happy to recommend some places. I've got two for you: Knott St. Boxing (where I go regularly) or Grand Avenue. At Grand there is a women's class on M/W and open gym on Sunday. At Knott, it's part of the Matt Dishman Community Center (there is a website for the Portland Community Centers - Parks and Recreation). They have "boxing classes" and it's taught by a member of the Knott boxing team.

Now these two places above are in the East side of Portland. On the West side is the West Portland Boxing in Beaverton. I'm not sure about their schedule.

As for time commitment? Depends on how far you want to take your training. If you want to fight - you're gonna have to commit more time for training. More than two nights a week. Let me know if you have any other questions!

That was really helpful! I checked out the Knott Street/Dishman Center site and found a schedule for boxing classes. Inevitably, this gave rise to more questions.

The site is a bit confusing when it talks about Women’s Boxing classes vs. the actual team or drop-in. Must you be on the team to drop in or take classes? Or vice versa?

Also, is there instruction at the drop-ins? I noticed that they have them mornings. I go to school downtown, really close to where the gym is, so that would be wonderfully convenient for me. However, I barely know how to punch so dropping in just on my own might not exactly work.

I am sorry to bombard you with questions, I am going to try to stop there over this weekend so maybe that will help clear things up too. Thanks again.

Kathleen: At Knott, the boxing classes for women in the evenings (6-7PM; 7-8PM), are more like “boxing fitness”. You’ll learn about punching, but there’s very little “one on one” in those classes. The 3-5PM “Drop In” (that cost $2) will be somewhat supervised. But it’s really just a “do what you want” time. There’s a older guy named Freddie that knows his shit. I wish I could get him as my trainer - but I work till 5PM. Anywhoos, there’s no need to join the boxing team for you to go to the Drop In. I joined the boxing team and they train M/T/W/Th from 5 to 7PM. - it costs $10 a month.