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Boxing gyms for Patricia

Hey I saw you post on the dog pound that you had a website that listed boxing gyms.
Can you hook me up with the site.
I’m in central New Jersey

I from central NJ also. But there are very few true boxing gym around here. If you don’t mind traveling to NYC there are two good ones both are downtown NYC first one I recommend highly is Chruch St. Boxing gym the other is Waterfront Boxing located by Wall st. area.

There are plenty of boxing gyms in New Jersey. Heres a link:
www.boxinghelp.com/ new_jersey.html

With Atlantic City in New Jersey, there has to be some strong boxing clubs scattered throughout the state.

Do a little research before you try to send someone to New York for a boxing club.

What Ko posted is a good one. Here’s another one: www3.sk.sympatico.ca/ hubcit/Americanboxingclubs.html (space between “/” and “hubcit”).

Allow me to hijack this thread for a minute.

Hey you guys. I recently signed up this term for a Boxing class here at OSU. I have absolutely zero experience with any form of fighting, but I’m really enjoying the class. Anyway, we recently started in with bag work during the 2nd week of class. We’ve been using wraps & bag gloves. I asked my instructor if it is necessary to have both gloves and wraps when hitting the bag, or if one or the other was sufficient. She suggested that it’s a good idea to have both, particularly when hitting the bag with frequency. What are your thoughts? It sounded pretty reasonable to me, why not have all the support possible. It would mean me getting some bag gloves if I wanted to hit it in non-class hours, which is why I ask. Also, can you recommend any brands?

Thanks guys,
New York may be good too as I train Brazillian Jiu Jitsu there.

Hey, Ike:

No matter when I'm hitting the bag - I always wrap and wear gloves. It's a good habit. Plus, if you're not familiar with wrapping your hands, it's good practice. It saves your hands from the wear and tear of hitting a bag, too.

As you can probably guess, we have several pairs of wraps. I just got a new pair of Everlast. But I don't particularly care for them. They have some stretch in them, and I've never liked that kind. My favorite pair are the ones I purchased from a boxing gym like, 5-years ago. They're red and have no stretch in 'em.

You can go to titleboxing.com or Everlast's website. Titleboxing has some "Grant Classic Style Pro" handwraps I'm getting next. As for bag gloves, we've got several of those, too. Everlast is always good. But ringside.com has some good ones, too. We have both brands.

Wraps & Gloves seem to be the consensus. I’ll investigate getting some gloves. I checked the wraps, turns out the ones I purchased from my instructor are the “Grant Classic Style Pro” ones you mentioned. Sweeeet. Now I’ve just gotta find the money to get some bag gloves. And the Westside seminar tapes, and ‘Modern Trends’, and… aye!

Not, to say that your wrong. But, you are not from this area. I have not seen any true boxing gyms in central, NJ especially in the Middlesex County area. There are some in Newark, Orange County area… But that is like same distance as traveling to the NYC. And I don’t really know if you want to be in that area either especially at night. NYC is not that far from central,NJ. I hope this finds you well. Not trying to start another war.

How can you compare travelling from central NJ to NYC with the distance to NNJ? You have to pass through the Northern Part of the state to get there. And once you enter the city, you still have to deal with the traffic.

I didn’t see any Gyms in Middlesex on that directory, but i saw a few in Ocean and Monmouth. As for Orange County, I always thought that was in California.

The only thing I will dignify the “bad area” comment with is a laugh.

It may be “close” distance wise, but time wise, a person would be looking at 2-3 hours roundtrip. That is not close, not by a longshot.

If you didn’t notice he take Brazillian Jiu Jitsu in NY. So how far off am I… Think before you comment.

where do train Brazillian Jiu Jitsu at? Downtown, Midtown or Uptown? There is also a boxing gym on 23rd st.

Your right about Orange county we don’t have it is only out the Cali., what I meant was South and North Orange. And you travel east to NYC not north. From central NJ. Also there is mass transit.

Off Topic - If you are looking for info about boxing gyms, ignore this post; you won’t find anything worthwhile.

Why do I always seem to get sucked into this…

fitone says:
Not, to say that your wrong. But, you are not from this area. I have not seen any true boxing gyms in central, NJ especially in the Middlesex County area.

I, however, am from this area. Ko posted a link to a page with a directory of Boxing Gyms in New Jersey. Regardless of whether you have seen them are not, there are several in the state, and a few in your area. While they may not be walking distance from your house, they are significantly closer than any gym in NY.

fitone says:
There are some in Newark, Orange County area...

Now why would travelling be of any concern to you? In the space of four words you managed to jump accross the continent. I reiterate, there is no Orange County in New Jersey. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you either meant Orange County in New York, or just badly misspelled Essix County.

fitone says:
But that is like same distance as traveling to the NYC.

Yet again, wrong. How would you plan on getting to NYC from your current location? Am I wrong in assuming that you would get on the Turnpike and proceed North to Jersey City and take the Holland Tunnel? In which case, you've practically driven through Newark.

fitone says:
And I don't really know if you want to be in that area either especially at night.

Ha, Ha, Ha.

fitone says:
NYC is not that far from central,NJ.

Neither is the moon, that doesn't make it any easier to get to.

fitone says:
So how far off am I..

I don't know, can you find one accurate sentence that you posted?

fitone says:
Think before you comment.

Amen, preacher. Amen!

First, off I a not looking for another war. Second,the guy does train “Brazillian Jiu Jitsu in NY”. So if he goes there for that that I don’t see the harm in him going to NYC for Boxing. NYC is about 30-45min driving distance from central, NJ and about a 30min train ride (if you take mass transit) from central NJ. And if you look at the map you will see that NYC is N/ east to central NJ. Again if he can go to NYC for his BJJ classes he can surely go NYC to a boxing gym.

Ike- Patricia’s right- always wrap with wraps AND gloves. That way when you actually get in the ring and can start hitting people it will hurt them more than it hurts you. (Forget that Rocky meat-bashing stuff!). However as a proviso, it should be bag MITTS vs actual boxing gloves you are wearing (or very light gloves). The mitts are designed to protect your hands; gloves are designed to protect the opponent. If you wear gloves on the bag, it won’t be long before a punch goes into the bag wrong (too much surplus material in the front of the glove separating impact), or the slippery surface of the glove against the bag causes your punch to slip to the side, initiating a wrist injury. Just my 10 cents.
Oh yeh- Rob F- you’re the comedian tonight eh!? Just one question- how on earth did you get the script to change color like that? Is it something we all can do, or have you been offering the mods free samples of “super stim-Equiparabolecadan” as a bribe to do it for you??
Thanks guys, SRS


I had offered the Mod’s some pez. Little did I know that they were on a ketogenic diet. I was assaulted as if I had recommended weight training at a NAAFA meeting, and while they slipped into an insulin-induced coma amidst the empty cases of candy, I slipped in and changed the format. I collected my Batman pez dispenser and sauntered off.

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Of course! I’m really from ******** and have been fooling yall!

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