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Boxing Gloves

Hi I was wondering what size of gloves should I get if my hands are 7.5 inches long. 10oz 12oz or 14oz
Also are BOes good gloves.


Your hand size has little to do with it. It all depends on what you’ll be using the gloves for. Lighter gloves, 14oz and smaller are used in competitive bouts. You don’t want to do alot of sparring with these light gloves cause: (A)you can do serious damage to your partner and more importantly (B) you can hurt your hands :o)
Lighter gloves are also used for hitting the heavy-bag and usually are labeled as “Bag-gloves”
Personally, i don’t like the light “bag-gloves” we use older wore out 16 oz sparring gloves to do bag work. And 16 oz and bigger for sparring. Thats what we use for the majority of our work. WHY? 1)less hand injuries and 2) by sparring and hitting the bag with the heavier gloves, when you go to a meet and put on the lighter competion gloves your hands just fly.

don’t know what “BO” stands for.
one place you might want to check out is www.Ringside.com they have good quality stuff but there are other suppliers as well.

good luck…and work the hell out of your jab.