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Boxing Gloves-Best Protection?

I’m looking for a new pair of boxing gloves mainly for mitt and bag work. These are the three I’ve narrowed it down to but wanted to know if anyone has had experience using them.


Cleto Reyes


I have a pair of Reyes 16 ounce training gloves. They have lasted well over the past year. I have seen several people with the Hayabusa brand, but, don’t have any personal experience. I am not familiar with the Casanova brand.

Sorry, I don’t have any experience with any of those gloves but I can definitely recommend Rival gloves. They are comfortable and offer great protection for the hands. I would really recommend getting gloves from a company that is known for boxing and not one that produces products for a multitude of sports and purposes. Not saying they won’t be good but, if you are trying something new, you can be more sure of the quality of a product coming from a company that does nothing else but make boxing gloves. Good luck!

I ended up getting the Reyes extra padding gloves. Haven’t used them yet but I was surprised by just how much padding they did have. The leather on it felt top quality and god, they’re gorgeous to look at. I can definitely see them lasting for multiple years.

I was thinking the same thing and ended up going with the Reyes. They’ve been around for so long and they’re on so many top 5 lists of gloves and whenever I would see stock photos of boxing they would come up often. I don’t know too much about Rival, but from looking them up online, they have some pretty cool designs.

I had to make a similar decision a few months back and decided to go with the Top Ten Superfight 16 Oz gloves. They have by far the best and most consistent padding of all gloves I ever seen. I was first interested in Yokkao and Reyes, but they wouldn’t even come close to Top Ten in terms of safety. I am using them for sparring twice a week and heavy bag workouts of 6 rounds per day 6 times a week for 4 months, now.

I have never even heard of those gloves. Today will be my first day really trying out the Reyes on the heavy bags.