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Boxing Equipment

I would appreciate any advice and/or recommendations on boxing equipment.

What is your idea of “boxing equipment”? Gloves (bag, training)? Heavy bags (hanging, free standing)? Shoes? Hand wraps? Mouth pieces? I prefer Everlast equipment - but I do have a pair of Ringside bag gloves. Go to www.ringside.com to check out your options. Oh and go to a boxing gym and check out what people are using there. Oh and another site is Title Boxing. I’m not sure what their web address is, but I’m sure you’ll find it by doing a search using “Title Boxing”.

“Title” and “Ringside” are two of the best.

Thank you! Which one would you recommend and why: Everlast, Ringside, Title? By boxing equipment I am referring to the basics: Gloves (both bag and sparring), Heavy Bags, and Head Gear. Again I will appreciate all responses.

Definitely check out Ringside and Title. You will find EVERYTHING you need on both sites. Don’t forget the handwraps, too! But I’m a Everlast fan! Don’t worry, both sites carry Everlast.

if you’re on a budget go with ringside.great stuff and priced right. good company to deal with.
grant and reyes are really good but pricey.

everlast.haven’t used it in awhile. last time i did,their product seemed behind the times.they may have upgraded since then.

my advice would be ringside.