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Boxing Classes?

I’m looking to get started into boxing. What do some of you guys pay for classes and does anyone know of a good place in Western Michigan??

Personally, I think the best boxing gyms are probably also going to be the cheapest. I pay $40 a month currently, and some at my gym pay nothing.

I don’t know how other gyms do it, but we don’t really have “classes”…it’s more of a daily practice with a trainer correcting/helping you along the way.

Oh ok. So more of go whenever you have time/feel like?

I think I found a local one - I just need to give them a call and see if they are still open and what they cost. They say they are nonprofit so I would imagine it should be pretty cheap.

What does a typical session look like?

My typical session (rounds in my gym are 3 minutes on, 30 seconds off:

Jump rope a couple rounds, get warmed up


Shadowboxing for 3-4 rounds to practice technique and loosen up

Then I spar if it’s a sparring day, for 2-4 rounds. If not, usually mitt work with my trainer for 3 rounds or so

Heavy bag for about 3-4 rounds

Speed bag for 2-3 rounds

Double-end bag: 2-4 rounds

Jump rope to cool down

Usually the other guys at my gym do ab work and calisthenics after this.

At the last 30 seconds of a round a bell rings, this is usually when I try to switch from technique & power work to “punching out” and trying to work my conditioning. It’s brutal if you do it intensely, but it has helped my conditioning a lot.

I’m not an expert, I’m about to have my first fight in a month or so, this is just what they do at my gym.

Hope this helps.

yea it does. Thanks