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Boxing Cardio Workout & Weight Loss

Hi, I know that some of you use boxing (on the heavy bag) as a cardio workout. What are the general guidelines for this type of training? I’m not really interested in technique, just what you use for work/rest times, intensity, reps, etc? (I prefer to use interval style training rather than just hitting the bag for 30 mins straight).

Other than that, what are some good diet plans for people like me who already have a high metabolism? I have been on a bulking phase for months now, and I’m up to 170lb at around 12% bodyfat. I can lose fat easily, but my main concern is keeping muscle. I would like to go on a cutting phase, but I’m not in a huge rush to lose this fat so I’m not interested in diets like Fat Fast. Would just ‘eating clean’ be good enough for me? (Taking out things like potatoes, pasta, bread, fruit juices and food cooked in heated oil)? What about rice? I have heard that rice is a good carb but I have also heard from others that it is bad. What is the general opinion on this?

I wonder if you’ve read The Skinny Bastard Diet? If not, would be a good read for you. I would say that you should eat alot of clean foods. But also consider such things as protein powders and MRPs’. You could add to your protein shakes such things like: natural peanut butter, cottage cheese, bananas, etc. Ko does stuff like this, and he’s like you. He also eats a high amount of eggs and red meat.

As for the heavybag training, I also follow a interval training pattern. But I perform "boxing rounds". And I also do the same thing for jumping rope. I perform as many "rounds" as possible within a 30-minute time frame. Sometimes I add a few minutes and go up to 35 or 40-minutes. When you train this way, make sure you have a clock within site or wear a watch. I'll be training again in a boxing gym and they have a nice, big timer - if you really are concerned with the timing, you can purchase a inexpensive one from www.ringside.com or www.titleboxing.com.

I'm using Ko as an example again: he weight trains (well, we both do) primarilly performing compound movements (squats, deads, cleans, benches) - training heavy. Do you? We've found this to be the best for Ko in gaining LBM. While, of course, eating ALOT of food.