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Boxing capped with Power-Stack

Hey yall, I am usually a “lurker” around the T-Mag forum, checking other topics to see if my questions get answered but this time I have a good question to ask. I have a boxing tournament coming up in six weeks that I am training for. I am lifting 5X5 right now three times a week and doing boxing training five days a week for two hours each day. I am also using Powerstack. What would be the optimal doses of Tribex and M be in order to maximize results in the next six weeks. Also, just for the record, I am 6’6", 210lbs, 8.5% bodyfat. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for lifting programs or any comments feel free to share them. I am interested to see how training for boxing along with weight-training and Biotest supplementation will work out.

Also, if anyone has any more feedback on their PowerStack experience I would like to hear about it. I have seen/heard alot of different people talk about 8 caps of Tribex or 6 caps of Tribex, 1 or 2 scoops of Powerdrive, etc…I am also interested in the dosages that people used for Tribex and M. Did you use both during the same period? Or did you do Tribex for four weeks and then M for two? Thanks.