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Boxing, Bulking and Surge

hey guys, got a question I'm hoping some of you could help answer: I've just started to box about 3 hours a week and absolutely love it. My goal however, is to improve body comp and power, not necessarily become a competitive boxer(although i do find winning a sparring match much more enjoyable than losing). With this said, I also weight train 3-4 times a week, focusing on increasing muscle size and strength. 

As a 6’3" guy, can i realistically expect to gain 10 or so pounds of muscle over a 12-month period while boxing and weight lifting? At the moment, i’m 207 with about 15% body fat. My diet is 80% clean, with about 150grams of protein a day- which i know i must increase. Any other diet suggestions would be a great help.

Also, what are your thoughts on taking Surge during a boxing session? Will this help me in gaining muscle or should i save the surge for weight lifting?

thanks for any ideas or suggestions!