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Boxing Bags

I am looking to invest in a boxing bag and was hoping soneone could give me some ideas as to where to find a good quality one for a decent price. I would prefer one with a stand. Thanks!

Heavy bag, speed bag, or what?

I’ve got a stand that has both a 100 lb heavy bag on one side and a speed bag on the other (though I don’t have the speed bag on it now). Can be had for about $200 at GI Joes. I got it used for $150. For me, the heavy bag is a bit low, but it’s workable (I’m 5’11"). For heavy bags, I’d recommend going as heavy as you can, and a top-swivel mounted one (not the sand-filled or water filled bases). Just my preference.


I’ve been meaning to ask the same question (sorry I have no info of my own). Are the ones on the stand any better/worse than the ones you hang from the celing? Being a complete screwup when it comes to doing things to my house, I would also prefer one with a base. Also, what difference does the weight make? Should I just get the heaviest bag? Thanks…

Ringside Boxing has the best bags I know of. You can get their catalog from the internet or any boxing magazine. They have many kinds for everybodies pocketbook, from canvas to leather.

Light bags emphasis training your footwork and outside skills, heavy bag emphasises your stamina and inside skills.

Most people dont care about any kind of skills and just want stand in one spot and wail away like Rocky to work up a sweat. If that’s the case get the heaviest bag possible.

My honest advice to you, is save your money. Don’t get a heavy bag (since I’m assuming that’s what you’re talking about), yet. Check out a local boxing gym. Usually boxing gyms have several different bags of various weight. Plus, you’ll learn how to hit. And that’s important. You’ll avoid injuries that way. AND you’ll also learn about the importance of hand wraps and bag gloves - these you will need.

www.ringside.com is where you'll find a good selection of freestanding bags. Good luck.

I do not like free standing bags, but if i were going to purchase one, this is it:


It also has a leg kick attachment if you decide to learn some Muy Thai leg kicks.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I actually ended up getting a Century bag with a base. I’m not looking for anything too hard core just yet. As for learning the basic moves, that I have learned. I more into kick boxing and I have learned the proper way to kick and jab etc. Thanks again or that help!

Just some advice for anyone thinking about getting a freestanding bag. Bad idea if you have an apartment. I train in muay thai 5 days a week, but I still wanted something for home that I could work with when I’m not in class. So, I got one of those Wavemaster standing bags. Right after I got it, I found that whenever I kick it (even lightly), it causes a loud crashing noise and the whole apartment shakes. I’m sure that this is disturbing to my neighbors, especially the people right below me, so I can’t really use it. If I had a ground floor apartment, it might be ok, but for now, it’s just taking up space.

www.ringside.com, I belong to their amateur team and can honestly say they have the best equipment out there by far. Excellent service, oh and for credibility ringside is sponsoring all pay-per view and hbo fights this year. So, our equipment is what you’ll see all the pros wearing.

Bandito: I’m not a big fan of those Wavemaster bags, as well as Century. They’re only good if you want something fast and don’t want to spend alot of money. If it’s quality, then yeah, go all out and get your place outfitted for a good, hanging heavy bag. If it’s freestanding, then ringside has a good one, it’s about $280 bucks (not including shipping), but it’d be worth it.

That was exactly why I got the Wavemaster: 1) I wanted to get something right away (it was the only one they had at the Sports Authority) 2) It was only $100.

I won’t have a house anytime soon, so the freestanding bags will have to do for now. Thanks for the advice on the Ringside bags. I’ll check out some other stores to see if they carry them. I looked at the video demo of the bag and it looks like it solves the noise problem that I have with the Wavemaster -the base moving slightly, then crashing down is what makes most of the noise.

Just a quick tip. Go to a gun show or sporting good shop that sell ammunition-reloading supplies, and buy some lead shot. Use this to fill the base of your bag. It will be much heavier, and more stable than using sand. A little more expensive, but if you are throwing kicks/bombs, it will be worth it.