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Boxing as Cardio

I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were of using boxing for cardio 2-3 times a week instead of conventional cardio? From what I read regarding HIIT interval training boxing would fit in to that nicely.

I use boxing for cardio. It’s way more fun than jogging or riding an exercise bike and it can be really intense if you want it to be. I try not to do it the day before/after working my shoulders though. Plus, other than some heavyweights, how many fat boxers do you see?

Rocky! rocky! rocky!

boxing is great cardio. Chase a chicken you’ll be like grease lighting! Ironically Ive only watched one rocky movie all the way though lol

Yah BOXING is PERFECT cardio high intensity lots of calories burned! Dont be foolish enough to do it fasted tho! Get a nice pre workout shake into you before hand!