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Boxing and Weights

CT I know you’re big on explosive lifts and from what i’ve been reading they help a lot when it comes to improving ones punching power. Do you recommend any weight lifting programs a boxer should follow? At the moment im only boxing 4 times a week but would like to incoporates weight lifting to help put on some muscle and power to my punches.

A boxer’s training should mostly be aimed at improving striking power. It’s hard to add a ton of muscle mass while doing a lot of boxing work (it can be done, but not in huge amounts).

I cannot give you a precise routine but you should focus on both heavy and explosive movements. The mistake that a lot of boxers make is train with weights using high reps (in the hope of improving endurance)… endurance is improved when you do ring/boxing training and conditioning work, weights are done for strength and power.

The more endurance work you do, the harder it is to become stronger and more explosive. So a boxer who already does a lot od endurance work will make gains even harder if he does higher reps work.

Focus on the big strength moves:

  • bench press
  • deadlift
  • squat (if not trying to stay in the same weight class)
  • rows/pull-ups

And on explosive lifts:

  • Snatch-grip high pulls
  • Power clean and push press
  • Other olympic lift variations
  • medicine ball throws
  • jumps