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Boxing and Strength Program



I was wondering if I could get your advice on the best way to combine a strength/hypertrophy program with my boxing training. I am on the low side for my weight class, so I would like to gain 3-5 pounds of muscle while continuing to progress in the basic lifts.

I go to my boxing gym 3 days a week. 2 of these days are sparring. I do shadowboxing and bag work as my finisher for lifting days also.

MON: Push day. Main lift being Bench Press

TUE: Boxing/Sparring

WED: Pull day. Main lift deadlift

THR: Boxing/Sparring


SAT: (AM) Boxing, skill work/conditioning
(PM) Shoulders, OH Press main lift

SUN: Legs. Squat main lift

This is how I have been training. I can also lift in the morning to give me more off days, but I would lift in the morning and box at night. It would look like:


TUE: (AM) Push
(PM) Boxing

WED: Pull

THR: (AM) Shoulders
(PM) Boxing


SAT: Boxing

SUN: Squat

I was just wondering what would be the best method to balance this type of training. I have been following a 5/3/1 type of template with 3 work sets on the main lift. I balance this out with 2-3 accessory lifts to at a lower intensity for the hypertrophy effect. Boxing training is usually a little over an hour. Depending on who I am working with, sometimes it might be 5-6 light rounds, or a heavy 12 rounds with 3 different guys.

Thanks in advance for any help coach!


Which training days have most negatively affected your boxing workouts? Gym work after squat day must be brutal. What do you do for road work?


I'm usually sore on my sparring days.

Roadwork is about a mile or two as a warmup before my boxing sessions. Usually a slower pace.