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Boxers Rip While Lifting?


does anyone else have this problem when doing like squats or deadlifts??

where can i get stronger boxers? lol


i wear underarmor


buddy, normally you should get pasted for such a frickn retarded question. but, i like your name so i'll let try the ones i left in your sister's room. if you don't like those there's prolly more in your mom's. you got it pal.


Yeah, I finally got tired of this happening so I picked up some boxer briefs. I've only had one run with them, but they're still intact. I think they might work.

I can't believe that I replied to this. Worse yet I didn't make any childish jokes.


I once tore through a pair of boxers and my pants when I saw Jessica Biel in Blade: Trinity

she can squat on that any day.


c'mon bro. let it out. it feels good !


Real men deadlift naked.


Go Commando. Add in some b-ball shorts and you're set, they're stretchy enough [at least my cheapo pair are] that you get full ROM without having pants issues.


TS fuckin B all the way! WTF kind of question is that?? shit I cant believe I posted here. Am out.


Or you could just buy boxers that aren't supertight. I mean if you squat down there really shouldn't be too much pressure in the britches IMO


Change your avatar then.
On second thought, don't.


LOL Awesome.




I'm not sure T-Nation could handle that. That's like max-effort nasty.


I had this happen to me once too.

I use boxer briefs now on every squat/deadlift day and I haven't had that problem since.

Plus my wife thinks they're sexier than boxers anyway, so I get laid more.


you guys ever heard of a jockstrap ?

no way i could dl in boxers without my junk getting in the way.


Why the hell not tighty-whities? They solve all the problems. They flex, keep your junk in place, and they don't ride up like boxer-briefs.


I wear the stretchy knit boxers, or my old football girdle. I'm also having trouble understanding why you can't figure this out on your own.


i'll bet you look mighty tastey in your tighties ragoo .