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Boxer's Break

I was just about to begin a bulking phase when I fractured my 5th metacarpal bone in my right hand. Anyone else ever go through this? I am interested in first hand accounts of how full of a recovery people made and how it affected your weight trainig.

I am in a cast for a month or so. After that I am guessing no cleans right away, eh?


Same injury on the exact same hand and I was back up and running in no time. After the initial healing I was playing b-ball and started lifting shortly there after with no pain. Just make sure to chill out right now you dont want the bone setting in an awkward position.

i broke my 4th and 5th metacarpals on my right. i remember my hand being weak for awhile after the cast came off, but that was probably because i was immediately trying to use it again. if i were you, id take it easy on the hand for a short while after the cast is off to let it chill for awhile