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Boxers and Squats


Ok, I've gone through six pairs of boxers through squatting. I've been ripping em' damn near in half whenever I do ATG squats. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know how to fix this? I really don't have that many boxers left...

Should I used Boxer-briefs? Or something?


wear briefs............




That should do it...either that or squat naked!


I always wear boxer briefs under my gym attire. Once I tried just wearing them alone, but I was kicked out! :wink:



Or something? athletic supporter.


I prefer silk panties myself.


And all this time I thought you guys meant naked when you said squatting raw.


I find the silk still rips too easily.

Thongs rule.


I ripped a brand new pair of nike track pants the other day squatting. It was the first damn day I wore them. Gotta go with the tighty whities when I'm traning.


man if your boxers are ripping then they are too small........duh

but yes boxer-briefs are lovely


wear a thong or go commando or stop whingeing


i had the same problem, ripped maybe 10 pairs lol. just buy 1 size bigger and your good. i lost all mine that were smaller cause they accidently ended out on a squat day and got ripped in half


I always wear tight lycra shorts under my gym kit, very comfortable!
won't rip and also great if you have large thighs that can rub together and cause a sweat rash and soreness.


Same here. Chafing is no longer a problem with compression shorts. But, you honestly can't beat going commando for deadlifts and a2g squats.


Not when squatting they don't!!!! Unless you want an Atomic wedgie. You'll have to call 911 to bring out the jaws of life to extract the thong out of your crack. Not that I've actually done this or anything........


Free-ball under a pair of running tights, for warmth, with a pair of loose fitting shorts for freedom of movement.


haha, that was a (bad) joke.

Hopefully you tried it before reading my recommendation. If not, I apologize (between the stiffled laughter).

It's only a little scary that someone else echoed my "recommendation".


yeha i ripped all my favs so now I do box briefs when going heavy and deep with legs


For most people, three times is a charm. For you, I guess it was 10 times.

Boxer briefs good.