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Boxer needing help reducing weight!

T folk, Im a boxer stuck in hell. About a year ago I was in a pretty bad accident. I was forced to go on a recovery training program. Used A.S. but not to extreme, but anyways it’s a year now and I have accidentally, haha, gained about twenty five pounds of muscle. I box at weights around 135 but now weigh about 160 with only about 6-7% bodyfat. I need to get in the ring again and make some dough, but I need to get down to 140 atleast. I have 50 superclen tabs, and 80 50mcg T3 tabs, also 2 bottles of old T2, 2 bottles of xenadrine. Any help on how I can make use of this stuff and get down to the size I need to be? this is important as it is my career. THanks for any help.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re screwed. You need to jump up a weight class. If your stats are correct at 160 lbs and 6-7% BF, that means you are only carrying about 10 lbs of fat now…and you want to drop 20 lbs to get down to 140. Do the math. And you don’t have even 10 lbs of fat to give up because you cann’t survive with 0% BF. A boxer needs 6-7% BF to compete…much lower BF and your energy will take a nose dive and you will die in the 2nd or 3rd round. This means if you are determined to get down to 140 and don’t have much fat to spare, you are going to have to give up almost 20 lbs of LBM…muscle. Unless you can cut off an arm or a leg, the only way to give up 20 lbs of muscle is a drastically low calorie diet with low protein and not train the body parts you’re willing to sacrifice…not recommended. Even if you were able to pull it off, you would lose a tremendous amount of strength and stamina and turn into a stick boy. Doubt if you could win any matches in that condition. Your only logical choice is to continue to build up your strength and train to compete at a heavier weight class. It’s your best bet. It’s always better to build yourself up bigger and stronger than tear yourself down. Good luck.

Why can’t you fight at middle weight? I wish I had your problem. Muscle is easy to lose. Cut your calories, and keep you training intensity up. Supplements would be a waste. Hell, a good sweat suit will allow you to drop 10 lbs in 24 hrs.

Well, to fight at a higher weight class is just not reasonable for me, Im only 5’5". there is no way I can fight heavy with that height. THis situation is very aggravating. Well thanks for the replies fellas.

Fat fast with not supplements except vitamines and ala. Good luck. If you do this for 6 weeeks an keep your training where it is now you will lose a ton of energy and will lose a ton of muscle just like I did. Good luck.

Are you back in a boxing gym again? What do the trainers there advise? How much time do you have to get down to your “fighting weight”?

Hmmm, yeah, the Fat Fast may work for you. And then, if you need a lose a few pounds, you can do as Ko suggested: resort to a sweat suit.

You height is not terrible for a middle weight. You may give up a few inches in height, but you will make up for it with size and strength. I think that going down to lightweight is a terrible idea. As heb mentioned you are going to lose a ton of strength and stamina.If you are still intent on dropping a weight class, I would go to welter/superwelter weight. You can easily make these weights without giving up to much strength.

I know little about boxing but I’d stay where you are weight wise. Sure you may have a height/reach disadvantage in middle weight, but your strength advantage will be huge. Think about it - a 6’0" guy at 160lbs wont have nearly the muscle mass and hitting power of you at 5’5" 160lbs. You may have to throw in some special training to deal with taller opponents, but I think you could swing it!

tell that to tommy hearns.

i have lots of friends that lose a ton of weight once they stop lifting.they stay lean,but lose mass really quick.
stop lifting for awhile and see what happens.
at 5’5 you should probably be at featherweight/bantamweight.most welter’s are around the 5’7"-5’10" ranger.

this is cool, thanks for the motivation and ideas fellas. I start on monday for training in boxing, my trainer and I are set in on fighting at 145 for the first fight, then go from there. I’ll start with superclen and t3 with an intense workout regime with restricted calories. First fight is in November, I’ll keep all of you posted. Current record is 11-0 so look around boys. thanks again

It is not impossible to reach these goals as stated already. My friend is 5’4" and 175 lbs. with 9% body fat. how did he do it? well, he fell in love with running and decided that he didnt want to look like a walking keg. he stopped lifting weights for 6 months. this along with cycling carbs did the trick. He is now down to 138 lbs. and 7% body fat. He lost all his weight in muscle in other words. you can slowly rebuild your muscle and any lost strength once you lose the muscle weight. Your choice. do you like the way you look now better than you enjoyed boxing?