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this! i adopted "joker" from a boxer rescue a few days ago, thought i would post a pic as i had never heard off or seen a boxer/mastiff mix before and i thought it yielded an interesting dog. to me he looks sort of like a real big pit- bull.

he is gentle and friendly to humans, but does not get along well with other dogs, and anything small and furry is lunch(strong prey-drive).

he is 90lbs of SOLID muscle. when playing tug of war, his strength is very impressive, and i do not impress easily, as a former owner of a 170lb Irish wolfhound and 120lb rottweiler/bulldog mix.

i know, kind of cheesy to post pics of dogs, but i could not help it.


That is prety impressive. Is he full grown or does he still have a way to go? Those mastif get humongus.


Joker looks nice. I adopted a boxer Three years ago and I must say that she is my best friend. She goes everywhere with me including the gym. I'm sure you notice that there are changes in joker since you adopted him as well as in you. I hope you both bond as well as Daisy and I. I would send a pic, but my scanner is down. Good luck to the both of you.



The next dog I get will be a boxer. The pic above is is the dog of a friend of mine. That dog has a better personality than many people I know. It pisses me off that where I live right now doesn't allow pets.


That is a damn fine looking boxer your friend has prof. I'm currently trying to talk my wife into a boxer. She has been told that boxers are too hyper from someone she works with. I contend that her friend is full of shit and good training is what any dog needs to live in a household. That's where we are at right now. Anyway's, nice looking boxer.

BTW, what are your thoughts on cropping-not cropping of a boxers ears?


What is the real purpose of doing that? If it is for a medical reason, I would do it. Otherwise, they would have to be extremely young for me to even consider it. That dog can be hyper if he gets excited, but he is equally calm. He basically acts like you act.


I've got a year-old boxer/akita mix, he's a great dog, with a goofy personality. I get compliments on him all the time.



Thanks Prof :wink:


I've been doing alot of reading on boxers and came across a few discussions on the topic. I think I prefer the look of an uncropped boxer, as long as there is no medical reason for doing it.


I always thought that the reason that you crop the ears and tail is so that you can fight them. Not saying its right, although i do like the look better. I just always thought that was how it originated.


That would make sense I guess. Although I believe I still prefer the uncropped look. While I've seen both cropped and uncropped look on boxers, I've never seen one with a tail.


That's a beautiful dog heavythrower.

A friend of mine also has a boxer, and he is pretty hyper, but in a playful way and would never intentionally hurt anyone.

Bigflamer is right about training. Any dog could benefit from good training and if they're properly socialized when they're puppies, they should also get along well with other animals (not that you could have helped that heavythrower, since you adobpted him).

You can still teach an old dog new tricks though.


I have a boxer too. She's an awesome dog.

They get very tuned into their owners. If I yell at Kali, she'll sulk for a day or so until I make up with her.

I've never had a dog do that before. She's very intelligent and sensitive.

Unfortunately, they are prone to cancers later in life. Kali's already had one that would've killed her if we hadn't picked it up straight away and had it removed.

They are a fantastic companion dog.


Thrower, consider yourself lucky for finding Joker...I have a boxer/mastiff and he looks exactly like yours. He's been a great buddy for the whole family for almost 13 years now. He's great with people...energetic when you want him to be, pretty laid-back the rest of the time.

We didn't get him early enough to socialize him to other dogs, so we can't take him to a dog park or anything like that. He goes absolutely nuts and tries to kill the other dogs. Looks like you might be in the same boat.
Sounds like you found a good one!


Nice looking dog. I like the fact that you got him from a rescue. All the boxers I have ever met had the personality of puppies even when they were getting older. Fun dogs.

I have a mastiff mix that I got recently from a rescue outside of Colorado Springs. She is, in theory, Neopolitan Mastiff/Great Dane, but nobody really knows. Found wandering the streets of Albequerque, NM. Great dog, 135# of personality.


I like Boxers, too...for lunch!


To BigFlamer. Your wife's friend is partially right. Boxers are hyper but they get it out of their system pretty quickly and will then be content to just be near you after you give them proper attention. 30 minutes of exercise 2X daily is plenty.

Do note they can vary in size considerably. This is a picture of my 3rd boxer at 13 months. He is now almost 2 and closing in on 90 lbs, with ribs showing. Boxers are the bodybuilders of the dog world: very strong and muscular. On average Boxers weigh around 60-70 lbs so proper training is a must.

As far as cropping the tails, I believe there were originally two reasons: 1) they're prone to breaking and 2) they're prone to cancer

Ear cropping: 1) better for the dog, in the event it does get into a fight, there's less leverage for the other dog and 2) less maintenance for humans, fewer ear infections due to trapped moisture, etc.

These days I think it really boils down to personal preference as you can show the Boxer with cropped or uncropped ears. This is probably more information than you wanted to know about Boxers but I couldn't help myself. Atomic, your puppy is cute too, even if it isn't a Boxer.


my Boxer at 13 months and 80+ lbs.


Bulldog rule


Cropped ears look disgusting. The dog looks mutilated to me.

Mine has had her tail done and even that is wrong enough.

I'd never do anything like that willingly to a dog of any age.