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Boxer David Haye Most Inappropriate Put Down Ever!


Talk about digging yourself into a hole LOL' fool!

I only wish Audley Harrison had kept his mouth shut for longer because Haye was really feeling the pressure trying to justify that comment


those black guys talk funny


Poor choice of words, but the tattle tale "I am personally offended" type of journalism is equally bad. If the lady actually gave a fuck, she wouldn't be sitting next to him giving more air time.

Stuff white people like classic moment. Being Offended.


To be fair to him.. it was sort of one sided


She was no more offended than he was for coming up with such a ridiculous comment. It was more of an opportunity for her to passively ridicule him and point the finger.

It was funny as hell though when he said it. You could nearly hear the nation 'gasp' in pure astonishment (followed by a loud laugh) at the stupidity of Haye


Yeh like a gang rape lol! Haye is a bad bad man!


I lol'd.


Police statistics show that 9 out 10 people enjoy gangrape.

I'm sorry - a horrible thing to joke about, but I had to. I wish it upon absolutely no one


I think Harrison would have had it easier if it was a gangrape.He was absolutely molested in that fight.


More like abused!

(Oh' the degrading sexual analogies just keep comin...)

Shame he didnt bring his rape axe' it could have turned the tide of that fight from the severe bumming it was, to the biggest 'dry' gulch of the century!


It was more like an entirely consensual but brutal anal fucking. He didn't put up as much of a fight as a rape victim would have.


Mike Tyson



See how she wouldn't let it go either.

Then she said it was very disrespectful. If I were him i would've said "To whom?"
Then she'd say "To people that have been raped."
Then I'd say "You didn't listen carefully....this would only be disrespectful to those who've been GANG raped you idiot!"


Haye is a chicken shit. Gang Rape will happen whenever he takes off his skirt and fights one of the Klitch bros, either one will slaughter his punk ass.


Agreed.However He is doing exactly the right thing if his intention is to make the most money as possible in his career as a boxer.Why would he agree to a small purse to either one of the klitchko's where the chances of him winning are slim and the chance of losing his wbo belt is high when he can clean up by fighting talentless hacks for roughly the same money.I doubt he gives a fuck whether someone on the internet thinks he is a pussy or not.If all those belts that vlad and his brother has are unified then Haye will be two stepping over to fight him fairly sharpish.

Thats exactly what I'd do if I was in his position tbh.


I agree with you as well. It justs sucks for most hardcore boxing fans (I consider myself one, I buy most of the big time pay per views and actually keep up in depth with the sport) to see a guy constantly duck the fight everyone wants to see. He shouldn't get as much money as Wlad, since Wlad has the real belts. But that is a choice he has to make (Haye), he surely won't be the first boxer to choose money over reputation, nor the last.


Props to him.

Why should he have to back down because people are too unintelligent to see that as he says he wasn't condoning it.

What do they think??? Gang rape doesn't exist? He shouldn't mention it because it's something that is horrible?

If that was an issue the history channel wouldn't have Hitler specials on it all day long.


I really cant see it happening like you think. I think Haye will surprise quite a few people on your side of the pond


Could happen, he most def. has a better shot than 99% of the current crop of heavyweights in the division. My side of the pond probably won't get either Klitch bro vs Haye, surely that happens in one of their backyards. I hope I don't come off as not liking Haye because of where he is from, with the crap heavyweights the US has been offering I would love to have someone like Haye to root for.


I didn't get that at all from the video.. he didn't seem uncomfortable at any point.